Are Archery Arrows Reusable (The Definitive Answer)

By Andy Ryan


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A picture of a broken arrow. There are several ways to fix such an arrow. We will cover this in the article. The article is a full going on how to change the nock, the arrow and fletching. You will learn everything on how to fix a an arrow and what glue to use for your arrows as well.

Have you damaged an arrow and wondering if it is reusable? I will give you the answer to the question are archery arrows reusable if they are and show you how to fix them if they are not.

Yes, archery arrows are reusable or fixable. If the nock, shaft, or head is not functional there are ways to fix them. This will be cheaper than replacing an arrow in the long run.

Commonly damaged parts on the arrow

  • Fletching
  • Nock
  • Shaft
  • Head

A common issue with my arrows is the fletching. If your arrows are not working as they should. Check the fletching by looking if they are attached properly to your arrow and check if the curves are correct and similar. If the fletchings should be straight, simply check if they are.

How to fix fletching

Picture of a heat source you can use in order to fix your arrow with heat. Its the best way to fix a broken arrow.

Heat. Use a heat gun, hair dryer, or a lighter (“a lighter can cause some black stains because of the fire, but it works.”). Use this on your damaged arrow fletching and you will see the heat will fix your warped arrow fletching. This is a very effective, cheap, and simple way to fix it. Try it before you go further.


How to replace the fletching

This acquires some practice to make perfect, but after a few tries, you should be set. When you learn this you can make your arrows “your own”, choose your own color combination, and how you want your fletching. If you don’t want to put in the time or energy a shop can do it for you. But I recommend learning it yourself if you plan to be archery for a while.

Common damaged points on the nock

The nock can be broken, weakened, or loose. 

Check it visually to see if there is any damage and just use your hands to see if the nock is weakened or loose.

How to replace a nock

If you have any issues with the nock, replacing it is the fastest and best solution. You can usually twist it with your hands to make the nock fall off or else you can use a pair of pliers for help. Then put on some glue on the new nock and put it in place.

How to repair a bent or broken shaft

The shaft can be bent. If you are using a wooden arrow you need to check if there are any goggles, scrapes, or chips. 

To check if your shaft is bent take a look with your eye by putting it close by your eye and look if it is in line.

The other method that is used is to roll it in your hand. This is a more advanced method. If you are a beginner I would recommend using your eyes to see if the arrow is straight. It can be hard to see if it is bent if it’s a minor bend.

How to fix a broken arrow

To fix a bent shaft you can lay the bent side of the shaft against a table and apply some pressure while rubbing the arrow back and forth. Take a visual check between the rubbing intervals to see if it’s straight. You don’t want to bend it too much, causing it to bend in the opposite direction and weakened the arrow even more. 

If you have gougles, scraped and chips you can use some sandpaper if this doesn’t work I would replace it.

Shooting with damaged or bent arrows is not recommended and is not safe. If you are not able or your local shop can’t fix it, replace the arrow!


The head is probably the area that has broken most for me. Make sure to recover the head if it breaks off. If you manage to do you can fix it. If the arrow is not totally broken off, check if it is put on straight, if it’s well tightened and threaded as it should be.

Replacing and fixing the head can seem intimidating and scary, but it’s actually quite simple. I will link to a youtube video here to show you how to do it on your own Arrow youtube video.

What you need: a pair of pliers, a block of hot melt, and a heating source.

Use your plier and heat to remove the broken arrow, take your new arrow and apply some glue. Put the arrow over the heating source and simply put it in your shaft.

Related questions

Why and when does the arrow break?

Breaking an arrow is actually quite hard if you are shooting on regular targets. The fletching will be the part you need to fix most often. Arrows are made of stronger materials now, usually carbon or aluminum or a mix of both and therefore they can last longer.

Hunting is different. If your target is moving or your arrow hits a bone the arrow can easily be damaged. 

Hitting your own arrows can also be a cause of damage to your arrows. This will most likely damage the nock or the fletching on the arrows. They are cheap to replace, so you shouldn’t worry too much about them.

In order to keep your arrows safe at all times we recommend you use an arrow case, you can find our suggested arrow cases here

What arrows to use?

Choosing the right arrow to use depends on the bow and the person who uses it. Having the right length and an arrow that fits the bow`s draw length is important. For example, an arrow that is limited to a 55# draw should not be used on a 60# draw bow.