13 Perfect Archery gifts

If you have an archer in your family or are a friend finding a gift for an archer, gifts can be hard, but not anymore. I will provide you with archery gifts that I would personally love to get. There are so many things we love in archery and are passionate about that getting a gift can be easy.

I actually just got a bow case from my wife and it was one of the best archery gifts I could imagine!

If you don’t know anything about archery, that`s no problem! This article is going to explain to you what you need to know.

The 13 best archery gifts listed and rated

1. Custom Strings

13 Perfect Archery gifts 1

The string is something archers change every year and is something your archer would most likely love to get as an archery gift. You have the option to get a custom color that you think he or she will love.

The important thing to remember is that you need to know the exact length of the string they need. You can either measure this on their bow or find out the model he is using and find it online or tell it to the pro shop. All measurements are easy to find so don’t worry, all you need to do is to be a little sneaky and find that model or model number.

Our recommended String on amazon (Click here)

2. Release

13 Perfect Archery gifts 2

The release is equipment an archer needs to help him with his shot, but at the same time protects the archer’s fingers. The release is easily damaged because of its usage time. It’s used for every shot and is an item that needs to be renewed after some time. This is a perfect archery gift if you haven’t found one yet from the list.

There are several types of releases on the market and archers usually have their preferred type of release. Changing the type of release can be hard to get used to. The ones that are popular are gloves, finger release, and regular release.

Recommended Glove : ( HERE)

Recommended Release ( HERE)

3. Arrow Rest

13 Perfect Archery gifts 3

Photo credit: cabelas.com

The arrow rest is something all archers need and want to upgrade, the arrow rest is the rest the arrow is placed on. Having an adjustable rest can help out an archer, a adjustable rest is very diversified and can fit any bow. That’s why we recommend the HDX, its not very expensive, but at the same time a high quality and adjustable rest.

Arrow recommended arrow rest (here)

4. Arrows as an archery gift

13 Perfect Archery gifts 4

Arrows are something that breaks regularly and is something that all archers need either more of or better arrows. Arrows can bend or get lost because they shoot an animal and then the animal can run away with it if the shot is not lethal which happens.

The best quality arrows are made of carbon. They are lighter, more robust, and work for everything from target shooting to hunting. They can last for several seasons because of the great material. We recommend this to all archers if their not a professional archer. They would prefer a professional contest arrow instead. We will link to both below and you can choose the one that you feel fits best for your archer.

Recommended Carbon Arrows: Here

5. Camouflage Clothes

13 Perfect Archery gifts 5

If your archer is a regular hunter and you know if there are any hunting clothes it doesn’t have then great, you have an archery gift. If he has all the clothes he needs then don’t buy more of them. It’s something that lasts for years so a new one wouldn’t be very useful. Instead, you can buy some accessories for hunting such as knives, decoys, and insect repellent. These are things that are a must for a happy hunt.

6. Scent remover for Hunting

13 Perfect Archery gifts 6

Scent a remover is something that is essential for bow hunters. They won’t have a successful hunt without it. Many hunters use natural bushes and grass to make a “natural smell”, but the problem with that is that it leads to bacteria growing on their clothes and can make them sick. That’s why a chemical scent remover is highly recommended. The price for a good scent remover is cheap but at the same time a great gift. If you want to go for a bundle and knife and a scent remover would be a great archery gift.

Best scent remover for hunting (here)

7. Case – An amazing archery gift

13 Perfect Archery gifts 7

If your archer doesn’t have the best bow case for his bow and arrow there is no question over what he needs. A bow case is essential in every archer’s setup. If they travel, especially with airplanes a case is a must. It will make it simpler for the archer to stay organized and have his equipment in place and carry it around.

Our recommended bow case, looks great and not just a metal box: here

8. Sights

13 Perfect Archery gifts 8

Photo Credit: ATA

A Sight is equipment that is important for the perfect shot and can increase an archer’s aim. There are several different types of sights so it’s understandable if you don’t know which one to choose, we will link to our favorite down below.

Recommended sight: Here

9. Quiver

13 Perfect Archery gifts 9

Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

A quiver can be custom-made to be very personal. You can choose a color or design you want and think he would like. If your archer already owns a quiver, which he probably will. Then it’s no problem because two don’t hurt anyone. Especially if it’s custom made it will be remembered as a fantastic archery gift, hopefully.

Our recommended modern quiver: here

10. Lessons in Archery

13 Perfect Archery gifts 10

If you have a child or he wants to perfect his archery skills then archery lessons can be a great archery gift. Make sure to not buy a beginner course if he is a professional.

Adjust the lessons to his needs, if he has been shooting archery a lesson can still be very useful. Stance is the most important skill in archery. Giving him a professional to look and adjust his stand can be a great archery gift and opportunity for him.

11. Renting an Indoor Range

13 Perfect Archery gifts 11

In the wintertime, an archer wants to shoot as well, but it’s not that good to shoot outside when it’s freezing outside. So a potential archery gift can be to rent an indoor range for your archer. Shooting inside is great because of the shooting conditions and is a luxury for every archer out there.

12. A New Target

13 Perfect Archery gifts 12

Targets are used very frequently and have to be switched after a few seasons. A bigger and better target can never be the wrong archery gift.

13. Bow Stand

13 Perfect Archery gifts 13

Photo Credit: Aughog

A Bowstand is for holding the bow, this can be either placed outside or inside. For maintenance purposes and practical purposes, a holder can be great to have. When an archer shoots through his arrows he needs to go towards the target and pull all arrows out of the target, you don’t want to lay the bow on the ground because of potential damage to the bow, and having a bow holder is great for this, making it the perfect archery gift.

14. Gift Card

13 Perfect Archery gifts 14
Credit: Ryan Kerby

If you haven`t found anything yet on this site that you would like to give to your archer or can’t decide on a gift, your local bow shop or Amazon can be a great archery gift as well. The archer can then decide for himself what he needs and wants.

Gift card, print it home yourself ( amazon link here)

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