Can Archery Make You Fit – Here Is How

Archery is a great way to exercise, it doesn’t look like it, but it’s a sport where you utilize a lot of muscles and you can become very fit by doing so. Let me explain. 

Can archery make you fit? Yes, archery can make you fit. When you practice archery there are a lot of muscles groups involved. Such as the biceps, back, stomach, and chest. These muscles will get a lot of tension resulting in Groft.

I am going to explain why and what you should do to increase strength and become fit. I will go more in-depth down below. I remember when I first started out and couldn’t draw nearly any weight on my bow. Today my bow feels like a strick.

Archery Make You Fit

 How Can Archery Make You fit?

Most sports will make you fit, but when it comes to archery, many think this sport isn’t one of them. But they are wrong. Archery is a great sport to become fit because you use a tremendous amount of strength to draw back your string, and also you need to hold it there while you are aiming. This creates a lot of tension on your back, biceps, chest, abs, and lower back.

Why abs and lower back you ask? Because while pulling the string back your body needs to stay in balance. To be able to do so your abs and lower back work together to make you stay upright. One single draw would not make you fit. But when you practice you will most likely shoot 100s of shots or even more. Practicing 2-3 times a week adds up to a lot of pulling and a lot of repetitions. Resulting in increased strength and durability. 

Get ABS by shooting arrows

Can archery get your abs? Yes, archery can absolutely give you abs. As I mentioned above archery involves a lot of balance. This is just like staying in the plank, but just to a less degree.

Archery is not as efficient as the plank, but in the long run, it is. Because the amount of shooting you will do during your archery carrier will add up and your muscles will too. I managed to get abs. And I don’t go to the gym regularly.

I have a home gym where I practice core exercises to increase my draw strength and I do some balance workouts. But I still think I could get abs without doing so, by just practicing archery. But if you eat junk food and shoot for 12 hours a day you still won’t get abs. That’s sadly the hard truth, but diet is a must. 

Archery Training plan

The draw in Archey is the main movement and is the movement that will gain you the most muscles. The draw is just like gaining muscles in the gym. You practice through repetitions and after you have lifted 30 pounds 400 times it starts to get easy, so you increase the weight. This is just like archery and that’s why it’s such a great way to increase muscle mass and get fit.

 If you are doing archery because you want to get fit it’s important to increase the draw weight when you feel it’s easy and you can hold it there for a long time. If not you will stagnate and your muscles will get used to the weight resulting in 0 growth. Your back and biceps are the two most used muscles in the draw.

The back is a great muscle to work out because it makes you go more upright and look more in shape. The biceps will also increase in size. And you will get more fit arms by practicing archery because your muscles will need a lot of energy to sustain and grow. If you then are sticking to eating good and healthy foods your body will also take some of your stored fat and use it. Make you fit! 

What muscles does archery work for?

I have not mentioned this previously, but I used to have a terrible posture because of my gaming. I used to play video games for hours, and this gave me a bent overlook. I hated it, but it wasn’t much I could do besides going to the gym or working out on my posture.

This wasn’t something I enjoyed doing so I just lived with it. It wasn’t terrible like an 80-year-old, but it wasn’t good. But suddenly I started to see some change and my friends that haven’t seen me in a while took notice and mentioned it to me. Then It clicked for me. The archery! When you practice archery, you use a lot of important muscle groups that help with your stability, but also your posture.

When you shoot archery, you are very upright, nearly at the stage where it’s uncomfortable. At least at the start. The great thing about this is that it forced me to stay upright and after doing it enough my body gained enough strength in those muscle groups to do it on its own. This is the greatest gain I got from archery; I don’t know what change you want on yours.

But I am sure archery will help you to reach your goals. Cardio is not sure what your goal is, but archery will help you on your way for sure. But it won’t be the only thing you need. Archery is great for building strength, but it lacks the cardio part. To become the fittest version of yourself,f I would recommend you to add a cardio workout once a week.

This will decrease the time for you to become fit and will give you a clearer mind, more focus, and durability on the way. I hated doing cardio until I started noticing its effects of it. Cardio is something that is nearly not fun but gives you a tremendous amount of joy and increased health.

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