10 Awesome Archery Skills Teaches You

archery skills

Archery Is a great sport. It’s fun, but it also teaches you a lot of important lessons which you can use in your life. I will go through these archery skills and explain to them how archery will teach them to you and go more in-depth.

What can archery teach you? Archery can teach you to focus, relax, increase balance and strength.  Archery is a diversified sport involving your whole body making it a great sport for improving your self and your body.

These are just a few things that archery will teach you. Let explain how you can use archery to learn the skills and what skills you are going to learn.

I started out practicing archery 3 years ago and since then I have seen a major improvement on me as a person and my body. If you start shooting I am sure you will get the same result.

Skills you will develop with archery

Archery can help you both mentally and physically. Archery is a sport involving a lot of focus and strength. Resulting in a great way to improve your whole body.

How you can get fit by shooting archery

When you shoot and practice archery there are a lot of muscles involved. The stomach, lower back, upper back, biceps, and triceps. And these are probably not all of them.

When I started out I was a skinny guy and that has changed thanks to archery. It doesn’t look like a sport where you get a “workout” but it really is! The main movement when you are shooting archery is the draw and that’s where the magic happens. Let me explain.

When you are drawing your string there are a lot of strength needed and balance. Your whole body works for you to get the perfect shot. When you workout you use lightweights until they are easy, so you increase the weight. This cycle results in muscles. And archery works the same way.

When you shoot archery you pick a draw weight that aligns with your strength level. But after a while, your body will get stronger and your draw weight will start to get light, so you increase the weight resulting in increased strength. It’s just a great way to get muscles and become fit without going to the gym

How archery can improve your focus

A man holding a circle up aganit the road to make a picture of focus

I am a firm believer that archery helps your mind more than your body. The focus you use when the moment you pick your arrow until you shoot is huge. You need everything to go smoothly so you focus.

The focus is one of the most crucial things you need nowadays. We use our mobile phones all day and we are disturbed on a regular basis. We can’t focus on what we should do and achieve. When Warren Buffet was asked why he was successful. He didn’t even use a second and said: Focus!

Its the single most important thing you will learn from archery and it will strengthen you in throughout your while life.

Clearing your mind with archery meditation

The meditation during Archery is there. When you shoot archery you focus on one thing at the time, picking up the arrow, placing it, look forward, draw, aim and Breathe. You focus on your breath while focusing on one single task.

This is very similar to meditation, but also very different. But if you are able to focus on your breath and really just focus firmly on your shot you will have the same effects as meditation. When I attended a silent retreat we focused on our walking and breathing and becoming one with it. Try to do the same with archery and you will be rewarded for your effort.

The dedication to learn any skill

If you want to become good at something you need dedication and perseverance. This is something archery can help you with. If you consistently put in the hard work and practice you will get better and your mind will learn to recognize this. The dopamine rush of achievement will be rewarding for your hard work and will not only be important for your archery carrier but also your regular life.

If you put in the hard work and practice, you will see a result. This is something archery will show you along the way.

Why archery is such a great way to teach you dedication and consistency is because archery has a built-in reward system of its own. The target. The target has a rank from 1-10 and your effort and presentation will show on your target.

in life, we don’t always have a feedback system like this if we have had one it would be a lot easier for people to achieve their goals and do great things in their life. Because they would see the result nearly instantly after putting in the work. Let’s take fitness again as an example.

The reason a lot of people don’t keep working out is that they don’t see the result instantly. So they quit. Archery can show them and you how hard work WILL result in good results, and you can remember this when you go to the gym or are doing other tasks where you are not seeing results now, but you know they will.

if you get inspired by this article feel free to take the next step to our beginner tips article to learn more about how you can improve as an archer.

This is how archery can help you become more social

Archery Is also a very social sport. You will encounter a great and huge community where you all have a common dominator, archery. By going out to the range, competition or club you will get a lot of new friends that you can hang out with. There are people in all ages on the archery club.

By also going to out and talking to archery people you will learn a lot of new things. There are people that have shooting for decades and trust me they have a lot of awesome tips to share.

When I started out in my club I was decent, but the people there helped me so much be correcting my form and a few other things. This was something I knew was important, but didn’t know how to adjust myself.

Goal Setting and Achieving them

a picture of a white piece of paper that says "goals"

Archery is a great sport to learn goal setting. Archery is a sport where you naturally set yourself goals to get better and it’s easy to do so because of the target you are shooting at. If you shot 25 points with 5 arrows last week well lets set your goal to 32 this week and so forth. It’s great to set goals, but what’s even better is achieving them.

If you read any book on how to become great in life, goal setting is always mentioned. So to learn this skill is vital for success. This can be used in school for the kids or at work.

Setting your self small and long term goals and working hard to achieve them. So set your self-goals when you are at the range, but also implement it in your spare time. These are one of the key things archery will teach you.


Archery will teach you that safety is important. There are a lot of things to be remembered in order to stay safe. You can think that the bow and arrow are not dangerous because it looks and its size, but it really is.

You will be thought this throughout your archery carrier and you will start to adapt to this and your mind will be conscious of what you do at all times.

This is exceptionally important when you shoot on a competition, range or in a club. Basically where there are people. You always need to think about, if there could be any people around. Because if you miss your target you really don’t want anybody to be nearby.

Make sure to choose the correct bow type for your archery purpose. This can help be keeping you safe by not using too heavy draw weight.

Related Questions

What can archery improve? Archery is a great sport to improve both physically and mentally. Strength, focus, coordination, and confidence are a few of many things archery can improve for you.

What muscles does archery work? Archery works a lot of muscle groups. The main muscles used are biceps, back, chest, lower back, abs, and triceps. Archery is a great sport to increase muscle size and strength.

Why should I do archery? The reason you should do archery is that there are a lot of great health benefits and its a fun sport. Your confidence, strength, focus, and coordination will improve and your upper body will increase in both strength and size.

What skills do you need for archery? You don’t need any skills to start shooting archery. You just need to be patient and practice a lot and you will eventually become great archery. You don’t even need a good sight.