7 Best Bow Quivers to Buy in 2024

By Andy Ryan


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Are you in search of the best bow quivers? Let me help you! During my last purchase, I researched a lot to find the perfect bow quiver, and I thought I could make a blog post about it so you can save yourself the time of going through the same research.

I scanned through all the best bow quivers on Amazon, asked around on Facebook groups and in the archery club in my home town. During this time I made a list of the best bow quivers with some additional information for each one. And that is the list I will share with you today.

Before I go into more detail about each quiver, I want to say that most quivers will work for you, some do work better, but there isn’t a large difference between them all, at least not on this list. When you decide on yours it comes down to personal preference, colors and how many arrows you want the quiver to hold.

Products Reviewed:

Best Bow Quivers

Tight spot – The Best on the market

There is no other bow quiver out there that has the same amount of users raving about their product as the Tight spot. I asked around on the different forum and this is a peak of the answers I got.

When the price isn’t a factor, the Tightspot is the winner for sure. 80% of the users on archery forums said that this was simply the best you could get. I have a lot of experience in the archery field, but when I make these guides I don’t want my personal opinion to decide which brand should win or not, that is why I always ask others as well.

I personally know a lot of these users on the forum and have talked a lot with them, their opinion says a lot to me and makes me confident to say that the Tight spot is an extremely well-made bow quiver.

If you spend a lot of time with your bow and is serious with either target shooting or hunting you should take a look at this quiver. It will give you the best feeling, material, ease of use as no other quiver can.

But you will have to pay the price for it. The price for this quiver was out my budget, But if it’s within your I highly suggest you take a closer look to this beast.

Everything from the design to materials used to make this quiver is designed to be as light and sturdy as possible. From what I have heard Tight spot has implemented some great features and adjustments to make it a well balanced, reducing the torque and the vibrations.

Trophy Ridge Lite – Best Budget Bow Quiver

A friend of mine in the archery club recommended me this quiver, and its actually the one I got to purchase.

I have it in my hands in writing time, and the first impression you will get when this arrives at your doorstep is the quality of the material. You can feel that it isn’t some cheap plastic quiver, but instead, a quiver that will last for years.

The clips on the quiver feel great as well; it can hold up to 5 arrows and can hold all types of arrows, both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

Another selling point for me was its user-friendliness, the mounting hardware is straightforward to use and install which is something I always look for when I am purchasing a bow quiver.

Believe it or not, there are still manufacturers out there making super complicated attachment systems for the quiver which isn’t necessary at all. I used about 30 seconds to attach this quiver to my bow, and that is just how I like it.

A neat little feature Trophy Ridge has added led lights, these are not essential, but I like them and is an extra coolness factor.

There are three led lights on the top over quiver and one inside, which makes it possible for you to see the different bolts during low light conditions easily.

Overall it’s a great, easy to use, lightweight quiver which is reasonably priced.

APEX GEAR Game Changer 5-Arrow – Best Compound bow quiver

The Apex gear is another excellent alternative if you are looking for a stellar bow quiver. I had the opportunity to try it in my archery club and from what I could feel and see it was a great quiver with an easy mounting system, holds the arrows nicely and with zero vibration.

It has a comfortable and soft feel to it, I believe its counted with rubber coating, at least its good to the touch. It felt very sturdy as well if you choose to invest in this quiver I am sure you don’t have to buy another one.

I was struggling to decide between the Apex gear and Trophy Ridge because they both are 10/10 quivers, I started a discussion with a few people on archerytalk, they rooted for the Apex gear, but the decision depended on the price for me so I went with the trophy ridge.

If you have the budget for it and want the best of the best, then you can’t go wrong with the Apex gear game changer. The price is quite high, especially if you choose to buy it in a pro shop, but if you decide to invest, I am sure you will have a pleasant experience and life long partner to keep your arrows throughout your hunts and practices.

Bohning Chameleon 5 Quiver

The Bohning Chameleon quiver is a great quiver to consider as well, it has the features you would want from a great quiver. It was released a couple of years ago and has since then been a popular choice amongst compound bow shooters.

It can hold both fixed and mechanical broadheads and has a plastic cover on top which protects your fingers from cutting yourself.

The base is painted in black, but you have a changeable faceplate which comes in a variety of colors. If you want to switch up the colors because you are buying a new bow or just tired of your old camo color you have the option to change.

There is no clutter added to this quiver, it’s plain and simple and does the job it’s supposed to do. It does not add any extra vibration and doesn’t make any sounds when attached either. It has everything you would need from a quiver, even the price is low. 

Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver – Best Back Quiver

If you are going to shoot with a recurve or traditional bow I recommend you to either look into a back quiver or a hip quiver. If you want to use a backquiver the Bear Archery is an option you should consider. 

It has a 22-inch depth where you can fit 20 to 30 arrows. The bear archery quiver has some unique features such as zipper pocket where you can store other essentials such as your bow sight or your Bow string wax.

It’s a durable back quiver than can last you for years, this is because of the thick leather material and thorough stitching. With the quiver comes a three-point harness which makes the quiver easier and more comfortable to carry.

If want a back quiver that has separate compartments for arrows, great design, durable and comfortable to wear then you should take a closer look on the Bear Archery Back Quiver. 

Krayney Back Arrow Quiver

The Krayney back quiver is a great option for both hunters and target shooters, it comes in two different colors, black, and camo. 

Its made of nice sturdy fabric and offers a good size for dozens of arrows. There are two additional zippered side pockets as well which is perfect for storing other essentials such as your knives, bow string wax or other accessories. 

The big storage can fit a lot of arrows as I mentioned, but my favorite part is that they dont fall out that easy. Not so sure why and how, but they dont. I have tried and tested a lot of quivers throughout the few months and a common problem is that the arrows keep sliding out, fixing this was a huge bonus for my part.

This quiver fits comfortable for both left and right features which not all quivers do.

Throughout a great quiver with minimal downsides, fits for both left and right-handed shooters, a lot of space, practical pockets and comfortable to wear. For this price, I would’nt have expected this type of quality, very surprised and pleased with this one.


KRATARC Hip & Back Quiver

You now how the option to use your back quiver as a hip quiver as well. The Karatarc quiver is a reasonably priced quiver made of genuine and durable black leather. With the adjustable straps, you can make the fit the quiver as needed.

It is very minimalistic and stylish, the white thorough stitching gives it a modern look that I really enjoy. When used as a back quiver I found that you have to reach a bit in order to grab the arrows, but when you are using it as a hip quiver the loading of the arrows is a breeze.

The negative aspects of this quiver are that it doesn’t drain water very well and it doesn’t fit equally as well for the left-handed shooter as for the right. I would consider other options if you were a left-handed shooter, but for a right-handed shooter, I would definitely take a closer look at this having the price, durability, and ease of use in mind.

Easton Flipside Quiver

Easton is a well-known sporting manufacturer that continuously surprises with new and clever designs and products. If you have been to the archery range lately I am sure you have spotted someone with an Easton quiver. The Easton flip side quiver is one of the most popular quivers currently on the market and this is for a good reason.

It comes in a huge variety of colors (red, black, pink, blue, and camo), it offers a big compartment with four tubes which allows you to carry 18 arrows in total, but this is if you are not afraid to rub the fletching against each other. When I shoot my rounds I usually use 6 arrows, two in each tube. That way I prevent the fletching from being messed with.

The pockets on the flipside are well thought through as well. You have a big bigger zippered pocket where you can store bigger accessories such as gloves, knives or other essentials and inside of the big pocket, you have a small one. This is where you can store more your credit card or car keys for example. I find these extra pockets extremely useful, I am known for losing smaller essentials, having a great storage system is ideal when I look either a hunting backpack or a quiver.

This is a great hip quiver, I won’t say its the absolute best, but it’s for sure amongst them.

Types Of Quivers

There are three different types of bow quivers, back quivers, hip quivers/side quivers and bow-mounted quivers.

Bow mounted quivers

The bow-mounted quivers can look clumsy, but actually, they are the opposite. They are very practical, light and makes it easy and fast for you to load your bow.

In addition to this, they are very quiet since they are mounted to the bow there are no vibration or movement while you walk around with your bow opposite to the back quivers.

The downside of the quivers is that they can add clutter to your bow, making it not look as clean and simple as many prefer.

You will have limited space as well, you will be able to fit 30 arrows on there, but more likely a maximum om 5-6 depending on which quiver you go with.

This works great for field and hunting, but when you are practicing at home you want more arrows to avoid going back and forth to re-attach your arrows.

Back Quivers

If you are watching a movie where they are using a bow, then this is the quiver that is most often used with it. The back quiver is very comfortable to wear and is a good choice for those who want a simple quiver to use while they are practicing target shooting at home.

The benefits of having a back quiver are that simply look cool and it gives you that action movement many kids seek when they are getting into archery.

You can fit a lot of arrows in a back quiver as well. Most back quivers is just a tube so you can simply fit a lot of arrows in it and the weight won’t be much of a problem either because of the thick straps your back can easily carry a few packs of arrows.

If you are just starting out it can be tedious and a bit hard to get used to the motion, but after time and practice it will become instinct and a natural movement.

A downside of the back quiver is the movement, for every shot you take you need to reach at your back to grab a new arrow. This is a small and low energy movement, but if you are doing it 100s of times during a day you will get tired.

This tiredness mostly affect target shooters, if you are a hunter or field shooter then a back quiver can be a good alternative since its comfortable to wear and carry a lot of arrows at a time.

The Hip Quiver

This is probably the most popular quiver amongst archers, because its fairly easy to grab your arrows and its a easy way to carry arrows around.

If you were to buy a bow and arrow kit this is the quiver that will most likely follow along with it. Adjust the strap around your waist and fill up the pocket with arrows. Its a very simple and clean way to carry yours arrows around, while having them easily accessible as well.

The benefit of the hip quiver is that its super easy to use, and you have the arrows right besides your hand which results in an effortless movement where you don’t have spend much energy to load your bow.

Another great thing about it, is that you can see the arrows while you are shooting, this doesn’t sound like a big feature ,but its actually great for a couple of reasons: The first is that you can see how many arrows you got left, which is always nice. No need to count or feel on your back to know how many arrows you have left.

By having the possibility to see the arrows at all times you can visually see if there is any damage to the arrows, such as broken fletchings or nocks. This way you don’t have to nock an arrow and later on see the damage. This will save you both time and effort.

The negative aspect of the hip quiver is that it sticks out and makes nice. While you are wearing the hip quiver you need to be aware of where your quiver is at all times, you don’t want to poke a competitor or break any objects inside the club house. 

Lastly the quiver can make some noise, this rarely is a problem with higher quality quivers, but for the cheaper once they do make sound and rattle at times. If you are target shooting then this wont be a big issue, but you can’t wear a noicy hip quiver if you are hunting. An alternative to the hip quiver for hunter is the field quiver, which I will talk more about down below.

The Hip Quiver

The field quiver looks very similar to the hip quiver. The main difference is that the field quiver is pointing in the opposite direction. It might look like a left quiver worn on the right side, but its not.

The benefit of the field quiver is just that the arrows doesn’t face forwards which means you wont bump into things that easily. When you are in the field the last thing you want to do is to hook your quiver into the trees and that is exactly what the field quiver prevents you from doing.

The downside of this is that you wont see the arrows without either turning or bending the quiver against you. You have to choose which one works the best for you. Still if the name says Field Quiver its still a very popular option for target shooters.

What are the benefits of having a quiver

Yes, I have seen some archers not wearing a quiver and in my opinion they are just a must. If you are not convinced then are a few arguments for quivers:

Super convenient – Having a bow quiver gives the option to carry around several arrows without having to bring a long a friend to carry them for you. If you are hunting you want to have your arms freely so you can walk without using to much energy by carrying with your arms.

Functions like a big detachable pocket – When you are hunting you can detach the quiver and hang it on the tree next to your tree stand or in your sitting position. This gives you a clutter free way to easily have a tens of arrows right by your side accessible to be used. 

I don’t think I need to say more on that topic, I think its pretty obvious that these quivers are just a must have item for every archer, even you are just shooting at home.


What quiver you should get depends on two things, the function and the purpose. If you are going to be hunting 90% of the time you probably don’t want a hip quiver that bumps into everything and makes noise while you are in the field. 

Same goes for the back quiver, if you are in the field its a great option, but if your main style of shooting involves competitions then the back quiver wont necessarily be the best option since it can be quite tiering to use.

All in all, the most important thing is to find the quiver that works best for you. You know best yourself what you prefer and what feels comfortable for you. 

What price range you should choose is also a factor to keep in mind, I wouldn’t recommend going cheap on the quiver, such as the 20-30$ quivers. These are good enough for your first few rounds of shooting, but after a while you will get tired of them twisting and spinning around on your back or hip.

That is why I always recommend invest in a quiver that costs a bit more, this will give you a better quality product that wont bother you while you shoot and they will last you for a longer time.

You don’t need to go over board on the budget, because a bow quiver is a bow quiver in the end. But there is a difference in construction, materials and features to a certain extent, so don’t buy a 1000$, but the 100$ range is what I suggest since these are the perfect price point where you get a good quiver at a reasonable price.