11 Best Broadheads To Buy in 2023 (Buyers Guide)

Looking for the best mechanical broadhead that would give you all the success at game-hunting without breaking the bank?

Well then, you should not miss out on what I have to tell you about them in the following extensive guide.

Here is a list of my favorites if you don’t have time for the whole guide.

Product Details
Our #1 Rated

Rage CrossbowX

Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100...
This is my personal favorite on this list, it provides excellent precision and power at a low cost.
Our #1 Rated

Rage CrossbowX

This is my personal favorite on this list, it provides excellent precision and power at a low cost.

Most For The Money

Swhacker Set

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of...
The Swhacker set will provide you three broadheads of superior quality that ensures that you kill in a humane manner.

Most For The Money

Swhacker Set

The Swhacker set will provide you three broadheads of superior quality that ensures that you kill in a humane manner.

Budget Option

Rage Chisel Tip 2 SC

RAGE Chisel Tip 2 Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain with Shock...
The Rage Chisel takes use of the Shock Collar technology which ensures that your broadheads perform optimally every time without any glitching.

Budget Option

Rage Chisel Tip 2 SC

The Rage Chisel takes use of the Shock Collar technology which ensures that your broadheads perform optimally every time without any glitching.

Broadheads are indeed some of the essential hunting weapons which can secure a fast kill from any hidden angle. And since it causes massive damage on impact, this assures an instant death for the animal without any agony.

However, finding the one that suits your level of expertise the best is gonna be hard, given the unending range of broadhead style and designs out there.

And for someone who has been on the game-hunting trail for about a decade now, things still tend to get confusing while trying advanced mechanisms for the first time.

Hey, I’m Andy, and if you want to know all there is to know about broadheads, then let me be your guide for this one today!

So sit back, relax, and simply keep reading!

Best Mechanical Broadhead Review

1. Rage CrossbowX

rage crossbow broadhear


When we’re talking about crossbow broadheads,  it is essential to understand the role of blade dimensions and performance. That is because once shot out, these broadheads can be really difficult to manage.

And this is where a crossbow mechanical broadhead such as the Rage CrossbowX ensures greater control and superior precision all the way through. Featuring a special deployment mechanism, this broadhead offers you a broader scope of getting an accurate mark almost every time!

My Experience

Honestly, but weirdly enough, my passion for hunting had little to do with crossbow broadheads, to begin with. And although I did enjoy a good shot from one every once in a while, I was never very attached to such devices. It was when I started testing a few for my blog projects that one of my hunting-mates suggested the Rage CrossbowX to me.

It goes without saying that the only reason I’m writing about this right now is that it had been one of my favorites ever since that first hunt with it.

Rage specially fits its hunting weapons with its patented Rage2 blades, and this crossbow broadhead is no exception to that. The mechanical broadhead comes with a deployment mechanism that prevents the blade from expanding in flight.

This ensures that the broadhead opens upon impact and goes right through the air without losing its mark and lodges into the body. This certainly gives you greater control and a definite win almost 8 out of 10 times, once you get used to it.

Another amazing feature of this broadhead is the Shock Collar with the Slip Cam design. This keeps the rear cam deployment and blade-retention consistent, contributing to its overall efficiency.

Rage never fails to impress when it comes to blade designs that feature some of the broadest and sharpest cutting edges with a precision hooking tip.

The CrossbowX features a .035” thick leading-edge, expandable blades with a 2” cutting diameter that effortlessly cuts through the toughest hides. These blades are known for their target accuracy and their substantial wound channels.

What could have been better?

The CrossbowX from Rage undoubtedly delivers a power-packed impact and is quite consistent with its marks.

However, this one here is expensive and doesn’t come with a practice broadhead. And, that can feel like a bummer for the money you have to pay for it.


  • High-precision broadhead ensures definite wins in most cases
  • Made of premium-grade, rust, and corrosion-proof stainless steel
  • Rear Slip-Cam design o blade-retention, only opening them on full-impact
  • Lodges securely in the toughest skins and meats
  • Offers a comfortable grip for full control


  • Can be pretty expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a practice-broadhead

2. Swhacker Set

11 Best Broadheads To Buy in [year] (Buyers Guide) 1CHECK PRICE

The Swhacker broadhead set brings a highly functional combination of simplicity and ease of use along with a highly accurate target-range. And this is precisely what makes it one of the best for all who are looking to try out broadheads for the first time.

Additionally, the affordable price tag that it comes with makes it all the more ideal for trial and practice purposes.

My Experience

This was honestly one of the first ones that I tried out when I was getting to know more about broadheads. I found a lot of positive reviews about Swhacker online, which mainly focused on its uncomplicated mechanisms. And when I tested it out for myself, I was really impressed with the kind of control it provided to the user.

The Swhacker broadhead set comes with two 100-grain expandable razor-sharp broadheads that are made using premium-grade stainless steel. These are .032” thick, having an open cutting diameter of 2-¼”. When these penetrate the body, the primary blades open inside the body cavity, hooking into the flesh with full impact.

The broadhead offers two differently designed cutting edges for a primary and a secondary attack. When the primary blades retract, the mechanism deploys two short-wing blades, which are much smaller than the main one.

These are designed for the initial assault and can penetrate through dirt, hide, and bones, lodging right into the body. The whole point of this design is that they utilize much less energy to penetrate and allow more control than the broadheads that open upon impact.

These take the pressure off of the ferrule to a great extent maintaining a high degree of accuracy for the target ahead.

These broadheads come with a hardened high-carbon chiseled point that penetrates cleanly through the toughest hides and flesh. And the anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule has its blades located further back, creating less turbulence and propelling the broadhead with full force.

What could have been better?

Although I don’t have much to complain about with the Swhacker set, the only issue with it could be that these blades deal an enormous amount of damage. These may cut right through an organ, which may not be the kind of shot you want if you’re looking to keep the vital parts intact. Otherwise, this organ-damage may spoil the meat.


Brilliantly engineered broadheads cut through almost all kinds of things
Rear-deployment mechanism opens the blades after it penetrates the hide
Rear-located blades cause less air-turbulence, ensuring high impact


  • Can cut through organs or nick an artery

3. Rage Chisel Tip 2 SC

11 Best Broadheads To Buy in [year] (Buyers Guide) 2


Rage is definitely one of the most recognized brands of hunting tools, which never fails to impress with its blade designs. And the highlight of the Chisel Tip 2 is its bone-shattering reinforced steel blade-point that makes it an ideal weapon for using from odd angles and tree stands.

My Experience

Well, it goes without saying that Rage scores much higher than most others when it comes to the overall design and build-quality of the product. This one, in particular, had helped me win a certain hunting competition held in the Savannahs last year.

The Rage Chisel Tip 2 comes with a few incredibly functional aspects, but the best one is undeniably its chisel-tip. It is brilliantly engineered using hardened steel, which breaks through bones instantly on impact.

There is a pretty remarkable feature about the blades on broadhead. If you look closely, you’ll find that these blades have a helical structure that swerves up towards the tip. Much like a corkscrew, right? That is precisely how the chisel-tip acts when it punctures through bones.

Additionally, the broadhead features a shock collar design that retains the blades in flight, only to open them on full impact with the animal. This allows you the control that you need while launching the broadhead, keep it on a straight, consistent path until it reaches the target.

You’ll also notice that the broadhead comes with an extra bit of metal on the back. This helps to provide all the support to the blades as they penetrate through the animal.

It is a substantially heavy-duty broadhead that deals an immense impact on your target. I remember shooting first elk with it.  And trust me when I say this, not only does it ensure a fast delivery efficiency, it also guarantees a 98% accuracy almost every time.

What could have been better?

As you may have guessed by now, the Rage Chisel Tip 2 is a pretty heavy broadhead. This can take a while to get used to and may be difficult to manage initially. I did feel that the overall build could have been a little lightweight when I first used it. But given the classic design construction and excellent efficiency, it hardly leaves any room for complaints.

However, you do need to get a strong crossbow that would at least weigh 70 pounds, to go with it.


  • Has a rear-deploying mechanism
  • Comes with a uniquely designed chisel-tip
  • Punctures cleanly through animal bones
  • Maintains a high accuracy
  • Made with high-grade hardened stainless steel


Pretty heavy; can take a while getting used to

4. New Archery Products NAP Spitfire

opplanet new broadhead


The Spitfire crossbow broadhead from New Archery Products comes with a hardened-steel Trophy Tip design, coupled with the brand’s patented Diamize process. This is one combination that makes this broadhead extremely lethal and incredibly accurate 9 out of 10 times!

NAP broadheads have indeed been one of my favorite kinds. And in the following section, I’m gonna tell you why.

My Experience

I was introduced to the NAP broadheads by one of my hunting-pals on a hunting trip to North Central Texas. I was actually using a certain model from Rage back then and had secured quite a good couple of shots with it.

However, when I tested the Spitfire, I was completely blown away by its deployment mechanisms and sharp kill.

It is a 3-blade mechanical broadhead that is specifically sharpened using the Diamize process, which makes it unbelievably sharp. The hardened-steel Trophy Tip ensures maximum penetration and, most importantly, a decreased deflection off the bone.

This ups the chances of definite and secure hits with minimal damage to the organs. The Spitfire, in fact, has been highly rated for its consistent citing accuracy amongst many who have used it. The blade retention mechanism is also pretty reliable, and you’d hardly have any problems while launching the tool.

The broadhead features a spring-clip retention mechanism that prevents mid-air deployment of the blades. This actually dismisses the need to tune the O-rings even with high-speed bows.

I really like the micro-groove ferrule of this broadhead, which does help maintain accuracy even in longer ranges.

The broadheads are available both in 100 and 125-grain weights along with a cutting diameter of 1-½”. And, these can also be used with both carbon and aluminum bolts. I still keep this set handy for hunting deer, elk, and turkey.

So, if you want to try your hands on a 3-blade broadhead to hunt large game, the NAP Spitfire is gonna deliver some hard-hitting performance for you.

What could have been better?

The only time I did have a problem with this one is when I shot through the boiler room of the deer. The total impact is too high, and there were a few times where it killed the animal completely.

This is an absolute bummer and does take a lot of effort to maintain a balance while launching that way.


  • Efficient 3-blade structure lodges in the body canals with full impact
  • Spring-clip retention prevents mid-air deployment, maintaining a high degree of accuracy.
  • Can be used on both aluminum and carbon bolts
  • Trophy Tip ensures high penetration and minimum bone deflection
  • Micro-groove slimline ferrule offers high and consistent accuracy even in longer durations
  • Incredibly sharp blades puncture through bones effortlessly


  • May cause organ-damage, often killing the animal

Best Fixed-Blade Broadheads Review

5. G5 Outdoors Montec 100



The 100-grain carbon-steel premium broadheads from G5 Outdoors Montec stands apart highly and mightily because of its versatility. It can actually be used with any bow types, and features diamond-cut blades with hair-splitting sharpness!

And following is a detailed explanation of why it tops my list as the best fixed-broadhead!

My Experience

The G5 Outdoors Montec fixed broadheads come in a pack of 3. It is also one of the most lightweight broadheads that you can find out there. The lightweight structure ensures sufficient wind resistance, keeping the tool accurately on its path.

The well-balanced blade structure, coupled with the weight, offers a precision mark and fly-pattern always. This makes it a pretty versatile and convenient hunting tool that you can easily carry with yourself on hunting trips.

The G5 broadhead includes diamond-cut blades with a cutting diameter is 1-1/16-inch. Not only does this make the tool immensely sharp, but it assures the least damage to the organs. Yet, at the same time, it cuts easily through the toughest hides, lodging strongly in the flesh. This makes a bigger blood-trail without killing the animal on the spot.

I’ve actually been using this particular broadhead for a good while now, and the thing I like the most about it is its ease of usability. There are no complicated parts to it, which is perfect if you just wanna go on a lazy, hunting solo trip. You can also easily re-sharpen the blades after frequent use, which is definitely a huge pro to it.

The broadheads from G5 could be easily used for practice sessions. In fact, you do get 3 in a set, which makes it worth the money you pay for it. I actually like keeping this one at hand while on hunting trips. It works pretty well for catching a quick game or dealing a secondary attack on bigger animals once you’ve already snagged them.

What could have been better?

And although I really like the G5 fixed broadheads, these can cost significantly. And since it is simply a set of fixed broadheads with no advanced mechanisms, it may seem like a costly deal for a regular tool. However, for all who are passionate about hunting, this is one broadhead that’s gonna yield great results


  • 100-grain carbon-steel broadheads feature diamond-sharp blades that cut through the toughest hide
  • Lightweight structure maintains a swift and accurate flying pattern
  • Blades could be easily re-sharpened
  • Could be conveniently carried along


  • Pretty expensive

6. Muzzy Trocar

muzzy trocar


Muzzy Trocar is one of the major brands of hunting tools which absolutely excels in product-designing and providing great efficiency in all of their items. With fabulous aerodynamics and a bone-shattering tip, this broadhead does trump over most in its range!

And this is one of the Muzzy models that I personally recommend to everyone looking for a sharp kill!

My Experience

Can’t deny the fact that I have always had a great relationship with Muzzy Trocar since the time I first took to hunting. My first Muzzy was, in fact, a simple-shooter broadhead that gave me great results almost all the time.

However, when I used the fixed broadhead from the brand on a friend’s recommendation, I was absolutely amazed by the efficiency and accuracy of its performance.

This fixed-broadhead from Muzzy comes with a 0.35” right-helix design that runs upwards to the tip, somewhat like the Rage Chisel Tip 2 that I have reviewed previously for you. This “corkscrew”-like design maximizes arrow-stabilization during deployment, ensuring incredible swiftness and consistency.

Additionally, this helical structure gives the broadhead the kind of strength to shatter bones on impact. You can rest assured that you will have a bigger blood trail with this in no time at all.

The pack contains 3 broadheads, each measuring about 100-125 in grain-weight. This one is a 3 fixed-blade broadhead with an offset blade design and a solid steel ferrule. These features combined with the hardened-steel Trocar Tip and a cutting diameter of 1-3/16” deliver a power-packed performance, resulting in significant damage. These can provide you with a speed range of more than 400 fps.

Moreover, the broadhead has a very compact overall design that makes it convenient for you to carry it on your trips.

What could have been better?

One of the major issues with the Muzzy Trocar Broadheads is that these are pretty heavy. It takes the user to get used to it. Managing this broadhead can take a bit of an effort. This is why it may not be a good option for beginners at the gig or even for practicing with.

The other factor is that the cost as the price of any Muzzy Trocar is always on the steeper side.


  • Incredible sharpness and precision target aiming
  • Deals massive damage, resulting in a more prominent blood trail
  • Compact design makes it easier to carry along
  • Hardened-steel Trocar Tip shatters bones instantly on impact
  • Provides a speed of more than 400 fps
  • Helical tip structure maximizes arrow-stability, ensuring high accuracy


  • Quite a heavy broadhead
  • Not for beginners
  • Can be an expensive buy

Best Hybrid Broadheads

9. Rage Hypodermic

11 Best Broadheads To Buy in [year] (Buyers Guide) 3


Finally, let’s talk about the best of both broadhead types: the hybrids! And when it is about this, you have to place the Rage Hypodermic right at the top!

Known as one of the best hybrid broadheads ever, this one brings in all the advantages of mechanical and fixed broadheads to deliver an immensely powerful impact on its target.

And following are all the things that make this one a winning broadhead!

My Experience

If learning how to manage a crossbow broadhead was difficult, moving on to a hybrid was an absolute struggle! The thing with hybrid broadheads is that they seem to be offering the best way out between the two types. But, it can actually take a considerable amount of time getting used to them.

I, too, had to have my share of hits and misses with them, before I was able to perfect my shots. And, that wasn’t before I tried this beauty right here.

The Hypodermic hybrid broadhead from Rage features a charmingly uncomplicated design that can be worked up with ease to get the best results. It comes with 0.35 inches thick stainless steel blade with a 2 inches cutting diameter.

The Hypodermic is extremely durable and ensures deep penetration into the flesh, cutting wider wound channels. It can cause a massive amount of bloodshed, making a huge trail in no time.

The Hybrid tip on this broadhead is as sharp as a needle, cutting into the flesh with “surgical accuracy.” It gets precision like a leading-edge blade and ensures a bone-crushing impact.

And pretty much like all the products from Rage, the Hypodermic, too, features a Shock Collar mechanism. It builds up the kinetic power of the broadhead by retaining the blade mid-flight. This ensures a high-impact collision and penetration, resulting in significant damage.

The slender, single-piece steel ferrule guarantees the least air-resistance, which maximizes the overall speed and accuracy of the broadhead.

Moreover, the brand also provides an extra practice head with the pack, which greatly helps you get better at the shots!

What could have been better?

Though I like pretty much everything about the Hypodermic, I noticed that the grommet on it, which holds the blades down in a tight retraction, seemed a bit loose. So, this can fail at keeping the blades in place during flight, reducing the accuracy and efficiency of the tool.


  • Brilliantly designed for providing ease of use and high accuracy
  • Shock Collar ensures blade-retention mid-flight for precision aiming
  • Includes extra practice head
  • Causes substantial bloodshed
  • Ensures bone-shattering penetration
  • Slender steel one-piece ferrule maintains the least air-resistance
  • 2-inch cutting diameter makes wider wound channels
  • Could be used with many crossbow types


  • Blade-retention grommet may seem a bit loose

10. Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4



And we have a third Muzzy in the hybrids department for its outstanding efficiency and performance. The HB Hybrid 4 comes with 2 rear-deploying expandable blades, which give you about 97% accuracy from all angles.

And all that you get in this broadhead come at a price that is reasonable and returns all the value in performance!

My Experience

The Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 has been a constant in my hunting tool-box since I had used it on a hunting trip to the Savannahs a couple of years back. And, the reason I have always liked it so much is that it works within the blink of an eye, going through the target before anyone can tell. It is an absolutely user-friendly broadhead model that brings all of the highly-functional features in its design rather than needing you to fine-tune anything on it.

This hybrid broadhead features 4 rear-deploying expandable blades that are lethal enough to cut deep wound channels into the target. These blades are, in fact, angled with 2 degrees offset that maximizes its spinning speed and capacity. Also, this particular design ensures precision hits even at long ranges.

This hybrid broadhead comes with the signature hardened-steel Trocar Tip from the brand with a 1” fixed cutting diameter and a 1-⅝” expandable cutting diameter. So, it’s really no rocket science to guess the amount of bloodshed these blades cause.

Additionally, the steel single-piece ferrule prevents air-turbulence mid-flight, maintaining a consistently straight flight-pattern throughout. This allows the broadhead to shoot through the air, staying on a straight path, hooking into the body of the animal.

Also, this is one model from Muzzy Trocar that I would say is comparatively lighter in weight than many of the models from the same brand. This makes it an ideal hybrid broadhead option for those who have only just begun testing such tools out. Moreover, it also has a pretty compact design that makes it easier to keep at hand on hunting trips.

What could have been better?

One of the issues that has risen about this broadhead with a few customers and myself is the performance of the movable blade-design on the weapon. It is screwed on a bit too tightly on the main part and causes a bit of friction during flight. This may hamper flights over longer ranges and reduce the overall accuracy of the tool.


  • Incredibly user-friendly mechanism that doesn’t need you to adjust any part
  • 4-blades structure comes with the bone-shattering efficiency of the Trocar Tip
  • Slender steel ferrule ensures the least air-resistance
  • Fixed and movable cutting diameter ranges make deep and wider wound channels
  • Maintains a consistent straight-line path during flight
  • Can be practiced with easily


  • Movable blades screwed on tightly may cause air-friction

11. Grim Reaper Hybrid 4 Blade

grim reaper broadhead


And the final one up on my list is the Hybrid 4 Blade by Grim Reaper. Now, Grim Reaper is a brand that came after than most of the recognized brands on this list. But, what is truly remarkable about it is the consistency of quality that it offers to all its customers. And the primary highlight about this model here is the convertible grain mechanism it comes with!

My Experience

To be honest, this hybrid broadhead from Grim Reaper has been a recent discovery on my part. And, this was actually suggested to me by one of the subscribers to my blog.

Back then, I had been looking for more advanced hunting tools to try out and review. For this, I had put up a suggestion-requirement post on my blog, asking for help from my subscribers. So, this is when Ethan, one of the subscribers, had suggested this model me.

This Grim Reaper hybrid broadhead features a fixed 2-blade structure with an internal spring system, an aspect that the brand borrowed from its mechanical range, and the other two are movable. This 100-grain broadhead converts to an 85 grain 2 fixed blade model once you remove the mechanical blades.

On contact, the 2 of these blades cuts through the hide and bone, while the other two penetrate the organs for a humane kill. You get an overall cutting surface measuring more than 2 ½”. So, you can expect the job to get done quickly.

The winning feature of this one is undeniably it’s brilliant cutting power. This is majorly due to the superior “V-Notch” chiseled tip that the brand prides itself over. It ensures a fatal blow, splintering bones and going through the animal for a swift kill.

Speed-wise, the Grim Reaper is fairly decent and wholly depends on the 2 fixed blades of the broadhead. This model is also a lightweight one, which means it can be a good option for you to practice with.

Overall, this indeed gives you a bang for the buck you pay for it.

What could have been better?

Not that I had a great problem with it, but after using this, I can tell why some users report a certain speed-issue with it. As I’ve already mentioned that this factor mainly depends on the 2 fixed blades of the broadhead. However, at times the mechanical blades may open up a tad-bit mid-flight, hampering the overall accuracy of the shot.


  • Superior V-notch chisel-tip delivers a bone-splintering performance
  • Can be easily converted to an 85-grain head by removing the mechanical blades
  • Comes with a 2 ½” cutting diameter
  • Creates a large blood trail
  • Versatile design; can be used with most crossbow models
  • Lightweight structure helps maintain arrow stability
  • A good practice broadhead option
  • Could be carried easily on trips


  • May have some speed issues
  • May not be as precise as field-points

Buyers’ Guide

It’s only natural that when you’re looking to test broadheads for the first time, it will get pretty confusing when you go to buy one. There are a good many essential factors that you have to know about them to land a high-performing model.

And that’s why I have listed all of the things that I think you should definitely look out for, while buying a broadhead.

Types of Broadhead

The accuracy and efficiency levels vary with each type, depending on the angles and ranges you hunt from. The different types of broadheads are:

Mechanical Broadheads: These are some of the most durable ones, offering quality materials and construction. They are also referred to as expandable broadheads as they make the biggest blood trails, and they kill fast, dealing significant damage. However, these could be pretty expensive and may not be compatible with all crossbow types.

Fixed-blade broadheads: These are best suited for use with traditional bow designs The blades on these cannot be moved. Fixed-blade broadheads are further divided into two categories: with one being replaceable, and the other one is a single-piece broadhead.

Replaceable Broadheads: Replaceable broadheads are a decent option for beginners. You can easily replace the blades on these when they lose their edge. This dismisses the need to sharpen them going through lengthy procedures. These are versatile broadheads and come in configurations of 2,3 and 4. For a beginner, more number of blades are a good option as they maximize a wind resistance, causing a dive.

Single-piece fixed blade broadhead: These offer excellent quality and are the best options for hunters. The tip of these broadheads cut right through the hide without losing out much on its kinetic energy. This ensures higher efficiency and maximum accuracy.


The distance and the speed of the broadhead will majorly depend on the weight of it. The broadhead weight also determines the amount of damage the arrow will cause.

Lightweight ones may give you some of the best range shots, but they will make a smaller wound channel and lesser blood trail. While, on the other hand, heavier broadheads may reduce the overall speed of the arrow, taking up more energy to sustain itself during flight.


No matter which type of crossbow you opt for, it is crucial to ensure that it is made of high-grade materials. Usually, the good ones will be made using hardened stainless steel or carbon-steel, both of which make the arrows immensely durable. These make the blades sharp enough to puncture bones and durable enough to withstand blunt forces as well as weather onslaughts.

Some of the best ones are crafted out of a combination of aluminum and steel. These arrows can go on for years without getting damaged or bent. However, all of these materials carry different price-tags, which you should consider as per your budget before buying.

Number of Blades

The number of blades on a broadhead affects the aerodynamics of the broadhead. Different types of crossbow broadheads come with a varying number of blades. Also, mechanical heads have fewer blades than what you can find on the fixed ones.

While experts can opt for fewer, but sharper blades, more number of blades can help beginners perfect their shots.

In game-hunt, more number of blades can leave a larger blood trail, causing more and wider wound channels.


The size of a broadhead largely decides how much force is needed to cause a powerful impact. A compact and smaller broadhead will work best with low-speed bows since they can sustain maximum energy for deeply penetrating into the flesh.

Bigger blades, on the other hand, are heavier and need sturdier crossbows, which can hold their weight well and cause severe damage.

During game-hunt, when you shoot through a mesh, smaller diameters can bring in better results.


The price of broadheads is a vital factor to consider while buying one. Broadheads can be pretty expensive, and your budget for it will often be the decisive call.

While generally, price is taken to be an index for the quality of a broadhead, you will find some really high-performing ones in this guide that come at a reasonable price. That is because some amazing broadheads may come at a comparatively much lower price than other models from different brands.

The key is to compare the prices offered by different manufacturers and be well-informed about the specifications of a broadhead. This will give you a clearer idea of their costs.


Are mechanical broadheads more accurate?

Mechanical broadheads come with a blade-retraction mechanism that keeps the blades down during launch and flight. This reduces the air resistance and turbulence on it, causing it to shoot through with extreme speed. And since this deployment mechanism keeps the arrow from deflecting from its path, it achieves a more accurate hit.

Are fixed blades or mechanical broadheads better?

Fixed blade broadheads are more reliable when it comes to reaching the target in no time and penetrating right through the tough hide and bones.

However, mechanical broadheads are absolute killing machines that cut wider channels into the flesh and cause a large blood trail.

What are the most accurate broadheads?
When it comes to some of the most accurate mechanical broadheads, you can rely on the Rage CrossbowX or Swhacker Sets to do an outstanding job. While for fixed broadheads, you can always trust the ones from Muzzy Trocar and G5 Outdoors.

And, for hybrids, Rage Hypodermic makes a pretty amazing option.

What’s the best broadhead on the market?
The best broadhead on the market should offer the best of each feature. However, what you consider to be the perfect broadhead will depend on your level of expertise and the tool’s ease of use. And although that may be a tough decision to make, brands like Rage, G5, Muzzy Trocar, or Grim Reaper can provide exceptional broadheads for that matter.


So, that was it about my extensive guide on some of the best broadheads you can find on the market right now. The key to perfect any shot needs patience and dedication. And once you get that right, you’d hardly need anyone else to tell you what’s gonna be the best broadhead for your purpose!

I hope you liked what you read and that it had been helpful.

Till next time!