6 Best Crossbow Broadheads to Buy in 2023

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This guide will show you the six best crossbow broadheads out there; they are all shown in the middle of this guide with their pros and cons.

The exhausting debate between mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads is still prevalent. Some hunters pull up their past experiences about using either one of the broadheads.

The deciding factor is the preferred functions that the hunter wants to achieve.

The first on our list is the fixed blade broadheads. This type of blade is usually reliable when it comes to penetration. Yet, it suffers in the most accurate shots. Of course, affecting the accuracy will compromise the killing turnout of animals lurking.

Meanwhile, the mechanical broadheads are usually made for supreme cutting. It also leaves a noticeable blood trail. Plus, the accuracy is top-notch compared to the first one. The only stumbling block encountered is the ability to perform and puncture well.

With each tool’s differing points presented, some functionality will get chosen or rejected. Hence, a good hunter should know what they prefer and wants to achieve.

Now let’s dive into the list of best crossbow broadheads.

1. Rage Bowhunting Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead – Best Crossbow Broadhead on the Market

This broadhead can take down and pass through an elk, bear, and deer in a heartbeat! The Rage is ahead of the game. Artisans built and designed this, especially for crossbow use. 

It can inflict cuts in the hide as large as 2 inches and leaves a nice yet largest blood trail you will ever see. The bolt can pass through and make a possible double-lung hit, which can be a final winning shot for a hunter to claim. The broadhead can open up as expected. It deals with serious damage and delivers clean kills.

With a durable exterior, most can claim many kills in one session. At times, the impact might bend the blades or the body of the broadhead itself. To remedy this situation, ample heat and a light tap with a hammer can straighten it.

Furthermore, whetstone freshening can help the razors recover. The Crossbow broadhead does not take a lot of work to maintain. As always, it extends to its full cutting width.

Given this information, crippled animals produce an extensive and lengthy blood trail. An immense channel of wound causes the blood trail, which results in fast-paced bleeding. Plus, it works perfectly for killing an animal in the most humane way possible.

Due to its quick and precise mechanism, the target will be dead in a snap. It is simply the best mechanical broadhead available, and you will fall in love every time you use it.

2. Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series Mechanical Broadheads – Best Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads

The Rage Bowhunting Xtreme sports a precise broadhead when shot. The Rage brand is catapulting itself to the stars out there. They are consistently proving by being the pioneering leaders in mechanical broadheads. It inflicts legendary wound channels due to its huge, leading-edge stainless steel blades. These blades expand to an extent. It has a cutting diameter of 2.3 inches and is available in 3-packed 100 grains.

Its exterior design is a killer. It doesn’t appear very nice and feels smooth when arrows are being put. It shoots at a speed of around 390 fps. This particular broadhead is hyped due to its incredibly fresh design.

It has the function of holding the blades tighter than a regular broadhead. It is also assured that the blade will not open early. The angle at which the blade pops is at a swept-back position. This form enables it to sustain its kinetic energy for an extensive time. Hence, it further boosts penetration.

The accuracy that it holds is superb. Plus, it flies true to an individual’s chosen field points. Also, the potential imposed damage can be entirely lethal, even at a flawed shooting point.

A hunter can deer quicker with these compared to hunting tools. Furthermore, it also has an improved chance of recovery. Imperfect or disadvantaged shots can be common, so their functions help.

On top of that, this broadhead is a good buy for its low price. A friendly tip: Get this equipment via Amazon marketplace to save money. Most physical stores sell the Rage Xtreme at a higher price range.


3. Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead – Best Crossbow Fixed Broadheads:

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow...
  • Maximum Damage - Six cutting edges which create up to a 250%...
  • Field Point accuracy - aerodynamic profile and 100% spin...
  • Pro grade design with 1 1/8" cutting diameter, aircraft...

The Carbon Express flies relative to the field point selected. The damage it deals is gauged to reach its maximum threshold. This is achieved with the help of its six cutting edges.

It can generate up to 250% greater wound opening than traditional designs. Thanks to its aerodynamic profile, there can be no problem with its field point.

Teamed with perfect yield spin testing, this can be used to enhance error-free shots. With that, guaranteeing appreciable but ethical kills is also easy. Furthermore, it deals massive damage, which, in return, obtains a clean kill that can be easily tracked and found.

Hitting targets is conveniently done when it comes to this broadhead. It demonstrates good performance even at a distance of half an inch or less of a field tip. That is why re-calibration of one’s sight is not required anymore when using this. Additionally, precision will come easily once the hunter aims for his beloved Carbon Express.

Carbon Express will be capable of flying in a very straight direction. Its awfully good penetration is perfect for hunters seeking a big turnover.

Knowing when and where to hit, too, should help hunters heaps. One buyer from Amazon guaranteed that these kinds are the closest he has found to his field points.

The accuracy is outstanding, to say the very least. Moreover, they will work great. Carbon Express is consistent once matched with field heads. It is first-rate when it comes to proper placement. This would not disappoint.

Just a quick reminder for hunting aficionados: remember to check if your equipment is unopened or undamaged once opened. Some marketplaces are doing fraudulent transactions, charging customers at an additional expense.

Listen, the functionality of this broadhead can be fatally amusing. Hence, for die-hard hunters, this is worth every penny.

4. Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2-inch Cut Broadheads – Best Crossbow Broadhead for Small Game

Swhackers are said to be very decent in terms of their ability as a hunting tool. It is tough, durable, and deploys widely once shot. They can fly like your designated field tips and shoot very fast. Even at a steep, quartering shot, it will slice a liver clean in two portions.

Additionally, the arrow may hit hard, so you better be careful where you want it to be shot! The blade will deploy exactly at the time you want it to launch. It can leave a pretty good trail and easily recover after being shot in the air.

This is a great deal because they can fly true to your field point even with a simple design. Fired shots can pierce through cleanly. Upon exit, it can leave a gaping hole. Even at an average shot placement, it can still induce a discernible blood train.

After firing multiple shots, the condition of the blades is still pleasing to look at. The opposite happens with other broadheads. After every shot, those broadheads must blade replaced. Meanwhile, the Schwacker broadhead demands a little sharpening before using again.

However, you can rest easy because replacements are not needed at all. This can save you precious time and fill your pocket savings.

Most customers are satisfied with purchasing this hunting equipment. One Amazon customer testimonial proved this broadhead stands solid.

According to Charles Morton, the Swhacker broadheads can cut like butter. As a bonafide hunter, the broadhead satisfies his short and long hunting bouts in the forest.

However, the downside is that it can sometimes

come off a little loud. Nonetheless, nothing like good band tuning can solve this little

problem! Plus, it does the job well. People swear by this amazing broadhead, and you will surely love using it.

6. Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadhead – Best Crossbow Broadhead overall

This broadhead can be partnered with crossbows and compound bow arrows as well.

It can take in more acceleration and resist not opening until impact. Plus, the former can be heavier in terms of weight.

The Grim Reaper skips great distances at over 400 feet per second. The spring should be stiff at higher fps to prevent the blades from opening ahead of time.

This particular broadhead opens properly, even at a disadvantaged shot. It can do its part at a hard-quartering angle; what more in a better one?

At an angled shot, this type of broadhead does not deflect. Its patented spring design enables each mechanical blade to project back independently. In opposition to the spring upon opening, it will suck in the blow of the unfolding blades.

The mechanism will not prompt the arrow to sidetrack its ways. Heck, even at the steepest of angles, shots will not divert as long as you use a Grim Reaper!

Plus, it allows the replacement of blades along with its other components. The broadhead is also used after firing shots. Examining the blades to ensure they can still deliver to the best of their abilities is also recommended.

In reusing broadheads, you must always replace or hone it crazy sharp to maximize killing opportunities.

A practice head comes with every pack of this hunting tool. Their appearance looks like the real thing. On top of that, they also fly like the actual heads.

This tool can be a great addition to a deer hunter’s list of gear. Since it can inflict great damage and pinpoint almost every target’s location, this tool is a beast. Its accuracy and toughness are a bonus! Combine it with a crossbow from our fastest crossbow list, and you should be

more than fine for the hunting season.

What are broadheads and why should you use them?

A bread without butter is not complete.

Most people do not know much about broadheads, let alone choose one. First of all, aspiring hunters should understand how broadhead works.

It is generally known that broadheads are used to target animals ethically. Plus, it works well in achieving the blood loss needed to claim your next trophy.

However, for it to work, it must be extremely sharp. This will enable severing through the essential organs and blood vessels. Cutting short the circulation of an animal target inside the body will be effortless.

A blade so blunt can deprive an animal of the chance to be killed humanely. Your broadhead must be crazy sharp to end your target abruptly.

How to choose the best hunting broadheads:


The type of broadhead or the broadhead itself to be used should be legal within the state you’re residing. Using a weapon considered illegal in the eyes of the law can put you in prison. Do not make a ridiculous mistake; read what broadheads are okay in your location and what should not be used.


To tell if broadheads puncture well, they must be able to go through thick-skinned animals. Moreover, it should puncture well further down into their organs. Most hunters insist penetration all boils down to their position before shooting. The bow’s strength, distance, and performance of the broadhead are also added. However, a good broadhead sometimes equates to having a good puncture depth.


The ability of a broadhead to withstand almost anything says a lot about how the hunter takes care of it. There is no need to scrutinize the details of the broadhead heavily. Once you use it, problems will arise if it’s neglected. Corrections can be done through arrow testing, proper maintenance, and balancing. Nonetheless, the particular broadhead makes what a great broadhead is. A big deciding factor is having a good eye when choosing one for yourself. This will decide if your broadhead is up for many challenges in the wild.


Your broadhead is carried wherever you go. It is a must to have it completely appropriate to your body proportions. If you buy an unsuitable one, your spinal column will be compromised. There is a cutthroat method for killing animals with bigger bone structures. This is possible by using smaller blade diameters. It penetrates further and has improved performance.


Smaller cutting diameter is perfectly matched with most crossbows. That is why it is usually suggested when choosing a broadhead. Getting an expandable broadhead should assure a hunter enough that it has a cutting diameter of 1 1/2″ or less. This cutting diameter is meant for a great hunting experience.


The accuracy of your shots is vital to kill an animal. You might miss your archery target without accuracy, but even worse, you miss hunting opportunities. This can leave your mortality list blank and dusty. Furthermore, an accurate shot should not be maintained. Hunters should observe this, especially when, at a distance, the blades are protruding. Aim for the best shot possible by having a good eye for estimating the most appropriate distance. Plus, having a great broadhead of high quality helps with your hunting bouts.

Andy Ryan is the founder of ArcheryPower and has been in the archery industry for many years. He is an instructor and maintains a certification. His mission is helping more and more people each year with archery and bow hunting.

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