10 Best Hunting Binoculars (2023 ) | Reviewed & Rated

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Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Roof Prism Binocular,...
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Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10x42
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Bushnell Powerview 8x21 Compact Folding Roof Prism...
Editors Favorite
Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Roof Prism Binocular,...
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Premium Pick
Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10x42
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Bushnell Powerview 8x21 Compact Folding Roof Prism...
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Finding the best hunting binoculars in today’s market is not an easy task. As a hunter, you need a great pair of hunting binoculars to spot your target. There are many expensive yet bad binoculars, and there are cheap and bad ones too; you can’t judge a binocular just based on the price.

There is plenty you should know before you pick out the best hunting binoculars for your season. The purpose of this guide is to put you on the right path. If you have been thinking about getting a new pair but can’t make up your mind, this guide will help you make a decision.

Best Hunting Binoculars Reviewed and Rated

I have selected 10 of the best products in the market after conducting thorough research and reading buyer’s reviews. This guide will explain their features with their pros and cons and tell you why you should buy them.


Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Roof Prism Binocular,...
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last; Close focus...
  • 10x magnification, 42mm objective lens binoculars
  • Exceptional optics with ED Prime Glass, Ultra Wide Band...

The Legend Ultra HD binocular is one of the best hunting binoculars in the mid-price range in today’s market. These binoculars won Binocular of the Year in 2013. If want to be able to clearly see your surroundings while hunting, these are a great choice.

These binoculars are full-sized and lightweight, weighing about 2.2 lbs. This is light enough to be carried around for a while. The lightweight yet solid feature could have only been achieved by using magnesium chassis.

Unlike other products, this model has 10×42 magnification/objective viewing, good for bird watching, sports, and hunting.

This model is made with a high-quality glass known as Extra Low dispersion fluorite glass to produce clearer and sharper images in low light. The lenses have super wide, rain-guard water-repellent coatings to prevent them from getting fogged up.


  • Camo design and plain black design
  • Center wheel focus
  • Soft carrying case and cloth bag
  • Neck strap


  • ED Prime Glass to deliver bright and sharp color
  • Optimum clarity for the mid-price range
  • Includes product manual for ease of use


  • Warranty not effective as claimed
  • Low eyecup durability

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Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10x42
  • 10x magnification and 42mm objective lenses, the Viper HD...
  • Dielectric, multi-layer prism coatings provide bright,...
  • A compact, rubber-armored chasis and armortek coating...

The Vortex brand has been around in the industry for a while and is known for making high-quality binoculars for sports and hunting.

The Viper HD is a top-notch binocular that comes in different magnification/objective lens sizes; perfect for whatever activity you need it for.

The Viper HD binocular features a wide field of view and coated lenses to protect them from scratches. The older, non-HD version of Viper had a smaller field of view but Vortex improved it in the newer model.

The VIPER HD series is available in four different models: 10×42, 10×50, 12×50, and 8×42. All are good for hunting, but I recommend the 10×50.

The 10×50 model is not too expensive and has enough magnification to see images closer. The objective lens is wide enough to provide detailed images to up your game.

The 8×42 is the smallest magnification among the models, enough objective to give nice detailing but not as good as the 10×42 model.

I personally have the Vortex 10×50 and if there’s anything I love as much as my recurve bow it’s these hunting binoculars! If you have the budget for it and spend a lot of time hunting, make sure to give this one a closer look.

8X 32mm 3ft 3.0ft 16.0mm
8X 42mm 347ft/1000yds 5.1ft 16.5mm
10X 42mm 319ft/1000yds 5.1ft 16.5mm
10X 50mm 346ft/1000yds 5.1ft 16.0mm


  • Rubber armored chassis for a firm grip
  • Rainguard eyepiece cover
  • Comfort neck strap
  • Deluxe padded carry case


  • O-Ring sealed lens and argon gas purging, an extra step to protect from water, dust, and dirt.
  • Center focus wheel to adjust both barrels at the same time
  • Can be mounted on a tripod
  • Full-size yet lightweight
  • Affordable


  • It would benefit from better zooming capacity
  • Low light performance isn’t great

You can indeed buy more expensive binoculars right now, but not all of them can beat the blend of performance and power of the Viper HD binoculars, especially not at this price.

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Bushnell Powerview 8x21 Compact Folding Roof Prism...
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last

The Bushnell Powerview series are very powerful yet low-cost binoculars you can use for any purpose. Bushnell has been one of the best makers of sport optics in the industry for many years.

These binoculars provide very good image quality for any hunting activity. The Bushnell Powerview is available in different models of the same type with different specifications – you can get different magnifications, field of view (FOV), eye comfort, sizes, and styles.

This particular style has five different models to choose from depending on your needs. All the Bushnell Powerview models are good choices, but some are better for stadium games, bird watching, or hunting.

The largest objective lens is 32mm and the largest magnification is 16x. The best model for hunting is the 10×32 model; it provides a very detailed image with its objective lens and the average magnification gives sharp images within its range.

Another feature of these binoculars is that the prism is not made with just any kind of glass, but with top-notch bk-7 glass.

These are definitely the best hunting binoculars for the money. You get a pair of quality binoculars for a great price.

8X 21mm 378ft/1000yds 21ft 9.0mm
10X 25mm 300ft/1000yds 21ft 9.0mm
10X 32mm 240ft/1000yds 25ft 9.0mm
12X 25mm 240ft/1000yds 25ft 9.0mm
16X 32mm 185ft/1000yds 20ft 12.0mm


  • Contemporary styling
  • Fully multi-coated lens to prevent scratches
  • Rubber coated to prevent slip
  • Foldable for added portability.


  • Small, lightweight, and compact
  • Fully multi-coated high quality bk-7 glass for optics
  • Can be used for many purposes


  • Small objective lens causes low brightness level
  • Small eyepiece requires extra effort to see images clearly
  • Low comfort from the small eyepiece.

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Despite these binoculars’ affordability, they were designed with versatility in mind. They can be used for lots of purposes whether you are a newbie, professional, or you want to gift it to a child.


Vortex Optics Diamondback 10x42 Roof Prism Binocular
  • Roof prism full-size 10x42 binoculars provide 10x...
  • VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty means Vortex Optics will...
  • Multi-coated optics and phase corrected prisms

The Vortex Diamondback Classic Binoculars are high performance, good quality optics for hunting. They are completely redesigned and ahead of the Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Take advantage of the great magnification power by zooming objects 8.5x and 10x their original size. The 42mm and 50mm objective lenses will show you details other binoculars will miss.

The binocular lenses are fully coated with phase-corrected coatings on the roof prism assembly. The new design gives it a slimmer look that catches the eye and makes them easier to hold.

The chassis is rubber armored to provide friction when conditions are wet.

These binoculars have a FOV of 345 ft/1000 yds at 6.6 degrees, which is wide enough to be used as hunting binoculars.

There is a center focus wheel that will allow you to adjust the barrels at the same time. There is also a diopter on the right eyecup that allows the user to set focus differences between each eyepiece.

The binoculars are waterproof, fog-proof, and dustproof with the O-ring seals. Internal fogging is prevented by of argon gas purging. This lets you use them in a wide temperature range without getting fogged up.

10x 42mm 345ft/1000yds 5ft 16.0mm
10x 50mm 283ft/1000yds 9ft 19.0mm
8.5x 50mm 283ft/1000yds 9ft 21.5mm


  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap for comfort
  • Carrying case
  • Rainguard eyepiece covers


  • Can be used on a tripod
  • Completely weatherproof
  • High quality for mid-range price
  • VIP lifetime warranty


  • Low glass quality

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Bushnell H2O 10x42mm Binoculars, Waterproof/Fogproof...
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity; Exit Pupil: 4.2...
  • 100 percentage quality materials used and tested...
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last

The Bushnell H20 binoculars are small and compact. They offer a great deal of magnification and clarity for bird-watching and hunting.

The binoculars use BAK4 glass and multi-coated optics as the prism to provide sharp, clear, and bright images in low light conditions.

They are fully rubber armored for a non-slip, firm grip in wet conditions. The rubber armor also protects against shock during falls and impacts.

The compact yet powerful binoculars provide clear 10x magnification and 8x magnification on a 42mm objective lens. They are available in these two models.

You will get 305 ft @ 1000 yds FOV; wide enough for an overview of your surroundings. The lens can focus at a minimum of 12 ft, and you get a 17mm eye comfort; perfect for eyeglasses.

The binocular is 100 percent waterproof with O-ring sealed, and the internal optics are nitrogen purged to prevent getting fogged up. There is a large center focus knob that allows you to control the two barrels’ focus at the same time. Also, a diopter around the right eyecup changes the barrels’ focus difference.

8X 42mm 330ft/1000yds 15ft 17mm
10X 42mm 305ft/1000yds 12ft 17mm


  • Multi-coated optical coatings
  • Available as either 10x42mm or 8x42mm
  • Center focus system
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Quality BaK-4 prism for clear and bright images
  • Shock resistant and non-slip rubber armoring


  • Compact and all-purpose binoculars optimized for use in wet conditions
  • Quality optics with high clarity and light transmission rates
  • High durability and quality for mid-price range


  • No extra comfort accessories

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G4Free 12x25 Compact Binocular for Adults Small...
  • 12x magnification with 25 mm objective lens. HD high-powered...
  • Night Vision. With green film optics glass lens, you can see...
  • XMC Technology with BAK4 prism which can 100% reflect the...

The G4Free 12×25 binocular is another compact yet quality set of binoculars. It is popular in optics for its image clarity and magnification power. These binocular are compact, yet its FOV is very good for travelers and surveillance at 273 ft @ 1000 yds.

The 12x magnifying power provides a close image within its range. The objective lens is small at 25mm, but this is the perfect objective for a compact binocular. Remember, the larger the objective lens, the heavier and bigger the binoculars are.

They use BAK4 glass for optics and XMC technology. These help to reflect light and to keep strong image colors in low light conditions. The binoculars also use green film optics glass so you can see objects very clearly in the dark, like with night vision.

The only issue you will have from these binoculars is that they are not properly waterproof. You cannot submerge them in water, but droplets are fine.

If you need something for all purposes and versatility, then this compact binocular is the best buy for you. It is also good as a gift for kids, friends, and other loved ones because it is affordable.


  • 12X magnification power
  • 25mm objective lens
  • Rubber armored body
  • Center wheel focus
  • Right eye focus
  • Carrying pouch
  • Hand strap


  • Small but very durable and sturdy if used properly
  • Large eyepieces for a better experience while viewing
  • XMC Technology and BAK4 glass for a wide FOV
  • Night vision for late-night surveillance


  • Water resistant but cannot be submerged in water
  • Lenses get fogged up easily and de-fogging is difficult

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VANGUARD Endeavor ED 10x42 Binocular, ED Glass,...
  • Extra low dispersion (ED) glass provides exceptional detail...
  • Three stage twist out eyecups with long eye relief, locking...
  • Phase-coated BAK4 roof prisms enhance image resolution and...

The Endeavor ED binocular models are the finest of all the Vanguards bird watching optics. The binoculars are a typical roof prism open bridge that allows fingers in between them for steady focus.

It is 6.4 in. tall and 5 in. wide, and weighs 1.6 lbs. These are lightweight binoculars to be carried around the neck.

The binoculars are available in four different models: 8×32, 8×42, 10×42, and 10×45.

The 8×42 version of the binoculars deliver 367 ft @ 1000 yds FOV. This is an average FOV for 8×42 binoculars. The 10×42 version is 340 ft @ 1000 yds, which is above average for 10×42 binoculars.

The minimum focus point for the binocular is 8.2 ft, although we’ve gotten reports that it can go as far as 7.7 ft, making it better than the published value.

The 8x version gives an eye opening of 19mm while the 10x version gives 16.5mm. This makes either version good for those that use eyeglasses.

They make use of a phase-coated BAK4 glass prism with multi-coated anti-reflective lenses for transmitting light and clear images. Also, the binoculars have a V-Max silver coating for crisper and more detailed images and an Emerald coating to enhance colors in the green spectrum region.

There is also a center wheel for adjusting the focus on both barrels and a diopter ring on the right eyecup for differences in eye focus.

8X 32mm 377ft/1000yds 6.6ft 19.5mm
8X 42mm 367ft/1000yds 6.6ft 19.0mm
10X 42mm 340ft/1000yds 8.2ft 16.5mm


  • Available in 4 different versions
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • ED glass for less chromatic aberration
  • Open bridge design for steady focus
  • BAK4 Prisms
  • Standard Neck Strap
  • A carrying bag
  • Tethered objective and eyepiece rain guard covers


  • Very good quality for a low price
  • Nice coatings for advanced image quality
  • Diopter rings can lock for steady focus setting
  • Better reduction of chromatic aberration
  • An assortment of accessories for ease of use


  • The center focus wheel makes noise

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USCAMEL 10x42 Binoculars for Adults, High Power...
  • 【10x42 Binocular&HD Large Field of View Binoculars】 This...
  • 【18mm Large Eyepiece&Upward Rotating Eyepiece】The large...
  • 【High Quality FMC Optics】 Binoculars for Bird Watching...

The USCAMEL brand is known for making quality optics, and the Compact HD Professional binoculars are no exception. That is why they made it on my list.

These are powerful binoculars. They deliver 10x magnification and 42mm objective lenses with a 305ft/1000 yd FOV – wide enough for observing your surroundings. They are fully multi-coated and use a high-quality BAK4 prism for clear and bright images.

The multi-coated lenses ensure that light is properly transmitted for a good image.

You get a non-slip experience with the body rubber armoring, perfect for wet conditions. It also enhances resistance to shock and impact.

There is a diopter ring on the right side of the binoculars that enables users to set differences in focus between the eyes. There is also a center focus wheel for adjusting focus in the two barrels at the same time. This locks in for proper setting.

These binoculars are really compact at 15 cm tall and 12 cm wide. They are featherweight at 1.3 lbs.

The eyepieces use a big lens and deliver 16mm eye-relief, so these are ideal binoculars for those with glasses. The magnesium body makes them rugged yet lightweight, and they are completely waterproof and fog-proof.


  • Rain-guard eyecups and objective lens covers
  • 305ft/1000yds FOV
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Nonslip rubber armoring


  • Powerful magnification with high-quality optics with anti-glare
  • Lightweight and fits in the pocket
  • Mid-range price doesn’t affect the quality
  • Eye-catching packaging makes it perfect for a gift


  • Open bridge design doesn’t have much space

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10x25 Trailblazer
  • Bright, Multicoated Optics
  • Roof Prism Design
  • Smooth Central Focus Knob

The first Nikon product we have on our list are a pair of low cost yet powerful binocular for sports, stargazing, bird-watching, and hunting.

The binoculars may look small and compact, but trust Nikon. They always have a way of exciting buyers.

The binoculars are very handy and weigh about half a pound, not to mention the double hinge system that allows you to fold them for added compactness while traveling or hiking.

The binoculars provide 10x magnification around 25mm objective lenses. This compromises the 2.5mm exit pupil, but performs really well in daylight. For binoculars this compact, they deliver a wide FOV at 342ft/1000yds.

They combine high-quality BAK4 glass and Eco-glass to provide high-resolution and detailed images. The lenses are also fully multi-coated to maximize light transmission for brighter views and better contrast. It is nitrogen-purged for water and fog resistance.

For a compact binocular, the performance is really great, but the eye-relief of 10mm is too short for people that use eyeglasses.

There is a center focus wheel for focus adjustment and a diopter wheel for adjusting the right barrel focus on its own. However, the wheel does not have a locking mechanism and this may frustrate the focus adjustment.


  • 10X magnification power
  • 25mm objective lenses
  • BAK4 prism and Eco glass
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Non-slip rubber armored body


  • Lightweight, compact, and can be folded
  • Nikon travel case to keep binoculars when folded
  • Good quality for mid-range price


  • Short eye-relief; bad for people that use eyeglasses
  • Free right eye diopter can frustrate focus settings

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Bushnell 334211 Trophy Binocular, Realtree Xtra, 10 x...
  • Features fully multi-coated lenses, BAK-4 Prisms and...
  • Heavy-duty 100% waterproof/Fog proof construction
  • Large center focus knob and 2-step twist-up eyecups

The Bushnell Trophy binoculars, known for their high quality and low price, are really good optics that promise 10x and 8x magnification.

They are available in different models. The variations are: 10x42mm, 8x42mm, and 8x43mm. You can also choose between the camouflage design and the plain green design.

They use fully multi-coated lenses for maximum light transmission and BAK4 roof prisms for crisp, sharp, colorful, and bright images.

The center focus wheel allows the user to adjust focus quickly and correctly for the sharpest possible image. The right eye diopter is also perfect for adjusting the difference in focus between the eyes.

The chassis is rubber armored. It provides shock resistance and the body is slip-free. These binoculars are specially designed for hunters, good for heavy-duty use, and are water and fog proof.

10X 42MM 330ft/1000yds 10ft 19mm
8X 42MM 395ft/1000yds 10ft 24mm
8X 32MM 393ft/1000yds 10ft 24mm


  • Roof prism system
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Tripod adaptable
  • Water/fog proof
  • Rubber armored body


  • New dura-grip rubber armor for a soft touch and firm grip
  • Low cost for high quality
  • Open bridge design for better handling


  • The center wheel adjusts focus too quickly

10 Best Hunting Binoculars ([year] ) | Reviewed & Rated 10

What You Should Know About Binoculars

best hunting binoculars

Here are a few things you should know before buying a pair of hunting binoculars. The best feeling is when you are set up in your hunting blind chair and have a great pair of binoculars to go with it.


shows the image quality of the binoculars

Good image quality is the most important thing you need to look for in binoculars. Finding a pair of very good image-producing binoculars these days is a little bit hard. The image quality of a binocular is affected by features like waterproofing and prism type.

With binoculars, more quality means better accuracy. It is crucial that you are aware of the image quality of binoculars you are considering.


Shows the field of view on a pair of binoculars for hunting

The field of view (FOV) is the open observable area you can see when you are using your eyes or an optical device. In binoculars, the FOV is how wide image it produces is. It is either expressed as an angle like 8o or as how wide the image is, for example, 420ft.

When choosing optics, you should know that narrow FOV is simply more power. Narrow width FOV normally has greater eye relief and is perfect for people that use eyeglasses.


The types of focus in a set of binoculars are center focus and individual focus. The center focus binoculars come with just one eyepiece. The individual focus binoculars come with two eyepieces for each eye. The individual focus is the most used and best type of focus for hunting. The center focus is best when your target is within 30 yds.


showing the different types of magnification in the hunting binoculars

Binoculars come with different magnification powers. It is always expressed on the package as 7x, 10x, 12x, and so on. The figure that comes before the ‘x’ shows the power of the magnification. That is how close an object will look through the binoculars.

The best magnification for general use is 7x or 10x. If you like hunting in wide-open ranges, it is best to use the larger magnifications like 10x and 12x. This helps for larger images, but it will be dimmer. The 10x magnification is large but not too lard, provides a steady image, and gives good FOV. The lower the magnification, the sharper the image and the wider the field of view.


After the magnification figure, there is a number after the ‘x’. This figure is the diameter of the lenses in mm. With 7 x 35, the lenses’ diameter is 35mm. In 10 x 50, the lenses’ diameter is 50mm. The larger the objective size, the more detail you get from your binoculars.

A 50mm binocular is always more expensive than a 40mm one, but the 50mm is very good for hunting in low light. If you are looking for a compact lens, consider a lower objective because the higher the objective, the bigger and heavier the binocular is.


Prisms are used in binoculars to bring light beams from the lenses together through internal reflection. Binoculars have two different types of prisms: the Porro prism and Roof prism.

Roof prisms have the prisms and the objective lenses in a straight line with the eyepiece. They are simpler, smaller, compact, and lightweight. Porro prisms have the objective lenses shifted away from the eyepiece. Porro prisms, although they are not compact, have good image quality and more light.


Talking about the production of light in binoculars, this feature is the part that quantifies it. It is determined by the division of the lens and magnification. Theoretically, the value of the exit pupil you get from this simple math is the amount of light you have. The right way of choosing your exit pupil is to choose the one that matches or is higher than how much your natural human pupil can dilate.


Binocular makers have made considerations for people that use eyeglasses. Eye relief is a special binocular feature that allows you to see images clearly without putting your eyes close to the eyepieces. Eye relief measures the distance between your eyes and the eyepiece. I advise people that use eyeglasses to buy 14mm to 15mm eye relief.


No matter how high-quality the binoculars may be, you will wish they were not so heavy when you need to carry them around the woods. You will also need portability for easy movement and storage.

The type of glass material and the amount used is always responsible for how heavy the binoculars are. Low objective models like 30mm to 45mm are best for hunting to prevent pains around your neck.


Most of the time, binocular makers include extra accessories for their products. Either it comes with the package as one or you buy the accessories you need separately.


It is very important to know how much your binoculars can resist water before you buy. This feature helps to prevent them from getting fogged from water, dust, or dirt. The higher the water resistance, the higher the possibility of your binoculars lasting for a long time.


Buying binoculars is not easy. There are so many on the market and they all have different prices. The best thing to do is to consider the factors above and compare features before matching them to your budget.

Binoculars made with quality materials tend to come at a higher price. The best range for good quality is around $400 to $500, so you don’t have to break the bank to have a nice pair.


Believe it or not, it is not compulsory to break your bank and spend all your savings just because you want to buy a pair of binoculars. There are several binoculars out there that don’t cost a fortune but still deliver top-notch quality. I have selected 10 of the best products, but it is up to you to choose the one you feel will work best for you.

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