Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021

Best Overall
ALPS Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Hunting Chair, Regular,...
Premium Pick
Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair
Best Value
ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Chair, Mossy Oak Bottomland...
Best Overall
ALPS Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Hunting Chair, Regular,...
Premium Pick
Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair
Best Value
ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Chair, Mossy Oak Bottomland...

You’ll agree with me that hunting is the kind of sport that requires you to have the right equipment every time. Having dodgy gear is the last thing you want when chilling on your tree stand or hunting blind. You must be prepared to fork out some extra cash to get the appropriate gear for your hunting expedition.

As much as people purchase crossbows, Trail cameras, tree stands, binoculars, and other hunting equipment, most people forget to invest in the best hunting blind chair. You realize that you are going to be out there in the woods for a very long time. Hunting requires patience and that’s why you should bring a hunting chair with you. 

Well, I know you probably think that any kind of chair will do. Unfortunately, that’s not the case as there are specific chairs for the job. These chairs are designed for outdoor activities like hunting. I am pretty sure everyone would want to sit comfortably as they wait to pounce on a big deer. To cut the long story short, I am here to walk you through the best hunting chairs and everything you need to know about them. 

Reviews of The Best Hunting Blind Chairs

Now, we’ve reached the most important section in this write-up. I understand that choosing a hunting chair or any other equipment can be quite tricky especially if you do not know which brands are the best. Luckily, you do not have to worry anymore because I am about to present you with the best and most comfortable hunting chairs on the market.

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair

ALPS Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Hunting Chair, Regular,...
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame wrapped with durable...
  • Adjustable Seat height, wide backrest and 360° swivel seat...
  • Large swivel feet with independently adjusting legs...

Are you planning to go for a hunting or fishing expedition? Well, the OutdoorZ Stealth is the kind of chair that you should carry with you. This chair by ALPS OutdoorZ will give you the comfort and positioning you’ve been looking for as you wait for a big fat buck to cross your sight.

This chair has been around for several years, and it remains my favorite choice. I have been using it for two years now, and I can’t regret spending my money on it. It is the perfect chair for outdoor activities. It has all the attributes that anyone would want in a hunting chair.

Unlike most of the so-called good chairs, the ALPS OutdoorZ chair features and impressive build quality. This chair has been designed to spin and move quietly without producing any squeaks that can scare away game. It is sturdy enough to hold an average hunter professionally. Besides, it comes with a base that detaches for easy transportation. This base attaches to the chair via riveted Velcro straps so that it can support your weight.  What’s better? It comes with a strap that allows you to carry the chair with ease. 

I can say that the chair is perfect when it comes to durability. It can withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating. Moreover, it is a comfortable chair to rest on as you wait for game. It has been built with a soft fabric that ensures your back remains comfortable. The backrest is well designed to offer comfort, especially during intensive hunting sessions. 

The other thing that I really like about this chair is its flat-bottomed feet. These feet make it easy to set up the chair on soft ground without sinking. What’s more? These feet are adjustable so that you do not have to worry about height. In case you want to adjust the height, simply do so using the locking pins. 

There is no doubt that the ALPS OutdoorZ stealth is the perfect ground blind chair for hunting. It a performance-driven product that can be used for outdoor activities.

Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021 1Pros

  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Comes with a proper seat cover
  • Has a strong and high-quality fabric
  • The chair is comfortable
  • Features sturdy and adjustable legs


  • It is a bit heavy

The Millennium G100 Blind Chair

Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair
  • DESIGNED FOR HUNTERS: The G100 Shooting Chair swivels a full...
  • COMFORTABLE AND QUIET: No matter what blind you are in, you...
  • PACK IT UP: The lightweight and packable design is perfect...

This is my first runners up in this roundup, and it is quite a good hunting chair. You are well aware that hunting in a ground blind requires you to be patient; however, you can enjoy your long wait if you will be sitting on the Millennium G100. I have used this chair for several times, and I can complain about. It is a good option if you want a chair that you can chill and relax your back. 

Being out of range does not mean that you should be uncomfortable. This chair is your best bet if you are going to be positioned in a hunting blind. What I love about the G100 is the high back, which provides extra support. You do not have to struggle with backaches when hunting, just get this chair, and you’ll be able to do the hunting smoothly. 

Apart from comfort, the Millennium G100 has some space set aside for you to attach the gun rest. You will find this feature very important, especially during those long days. Besides, the chair comes with a shooting stick that is easy to install. You can also add a trigger stick which makes it easy to use a crossbow, hunting rifle or firearm.

The other feature that hunters like about the G100 is the adjustable legs. This feature allows you to set up on a hill, ridge or any other uneven ground. You just need to make some minor adjustments, and the chair will be steady enough to support you. At least you do not have to sacrifice your favourite spot while hunting with the Millennium G100.

For your information, this chair only weighs 7 pounds, which is light enough for you to transport. Besides, the chair does not make noise when setting it up. It is evident that the manufacturers of this model took everything into consideration to ensure that you have the best ground blind hunting chair. Being our first runners up, it is obvious that this chair is made from extremely durable materials.

Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021 1Pros

  • It is available in green- a color that blends well with the vegetation
  • Has a high backrest for comfort purposes
  • Comes with adjustable legs
  • It comes with a shooting mount
  • It is covered by a one year warranty


  • It is a bit high even at the lowest setting

ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Chair, Mossy Oak Bottomland...
  • Powder-coated steel frame provides strength and stability...
  • Adjustable armrests with cup holder and side pocket for...
  • Shoulder carry bag included provides you with an easy...

At this point, it is clear that the ALPS Outdoor are doing an outstanding job when it comes to making hunting chairs. This is their specialty, so we expect nothing less than quality. The King Kong Chair is the perfect hunting chair for large people. It has a large capacity to cater for big hunters, and this is definitely music to their ears. 

King Kong is a high-quality folding chair that does not require any assembly whatsoever. It has been designed to collapse like an umbrella- this means that it collapses from all four directions to the center. At least, you’ll have a chair that you can transport easily. This explains why outdoor lovers prefer this chair when going for expeditions.  It is a versatile chair as it can be used during camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.

Amazingly, The King Kong chair has a lot to offer and that’s why it qualified to be in this list. For starters, it comes with cup holders on both sides and storage pouches as well. What’s more? It has adjustable armrests that makes it easy to get in and out. You can change the angle of the arms using the straps located at the back. 

As I mentioned earlier, this ground hunting chair has incredible capacity. It can support up to 800 lbs, which is remarkable. The seat is large enough as it measures 24.5 x 20 inches. I think the only drawback about the KingKong chair is that it is quite heavy. It weighs a whopping 13 lbs. Moreover, its packed size is not great either. 

I cannot question the build quality of this chair as its quite impressive. The fact that this chair is ideal for large guys says it all. For starters, its frame is made using powder-coated steel to ensure that it supports large hunters.  The fabric used on this chair is the 600D polyester Realtree Edge. 

Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021 1Pros

  • Has a great armrest design
  • Comes with plenty of storage and two cup holders
  • It is easy to use and set up
  • It is very comfortable and stable


  • It is heavier than other hunting chairs

Primos Double Bull Tri Stool Review

Primos Double Bull Tri Stool, Truth Camoflage
  • Flared backrest for support
  • Primos truth Camo patterned fabric
  • Steel construction

In case you are looking for a hunting stool, then the Primos Double Bull Tri Stool is your best bet. It has fetched a lot of positive customer reviews on Amazon, and this shows that it is worth the money. Besides, it is one of the most affordable hunting stools you will ever get. So, if you don’t have the money to buy other chairs, you can comfortably settle for the Primos Double Bull Tri Stool. 

This choice is great as it’s available in two colors, which are the Swat Camo and the Truth Camouflage. This hunting stool has plenty of attributes you would expect as a hunter. For starters, it weighs only 6.5 pounds making it very easy to transport it to your hunting spot. Apart from its light nature, it comes with a carrying strap and a locking hook that holds the legs together. At least you can transport it without any problems.

This awesome hunting chair/stool is made using high-quality steel. This means that the Bull Tri Stool is durable and sturdy. You can count on it to serve you for a very long time without having to replace it. Although this is a stool, it provides high levels of comfort. I am saying this because it has a supportive backrest that offers the comfort you need for a long hunting session. Apart from its backrest, the seat areas have some generous padding that offers maximum comfort and support. You can sit on this chair without feeling numb.

It goes without saying that every avid hunter will enjoy the support and comfort provided by the Primos Double Bull Tri Stool. You can count on it to make your hunting expedition more successful. 

Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021 1Pros

  • It is portable and easy to set up
  • Has a durable and sturdy construction
  • It fits perfectly in your hunting blind
  • Can support up to 300 lbs. of weight comfortably


  • It is not stable when placed on uneven surfaces

Browning Camping Strutter

If you are looking for a folding hunting chair that comes with armrests, then you should consider purchasing the Browning Camping Strutter. It is a great chair, especially if you will be hiding in a hunting blind. As you would expect of any top hunting chair, the Browning Camping Strutter will provide you with the comfort that you are looking for. 

The good thing about the camping strutter is versatility. You don’t have to restrict this chair to hunting; it can also be used for fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. In case you like your equipment looking good, then you should definitely go for the Camping Strutter as it has a fashionable hunting look. Its design and camouflage color will give the concealment you require to aim at your target without being noticed.

Although this chair is considered as a low-profile product, it does an outstanding job in terms of performance and durability. Its frame is quite tough as it’s made of powder-coated steel. You don’t have to worry about its durability because this material is very tough. 

Amazingly, the Browning Camping Strutter chair does not disappoint in terms of comfort. It has extra layers of soft paddings, which make it comfortable to sit on during long hunting sessions. Besides, the armrests will provide the necessary support to your hands.

Although it is referred to as a tripod stand chair, it has four rotating feet that are flexible. You can count on these feet to provide support even on uneven surfaces. At least, you won’t topple because of the lack of stability. 

Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021 1Pros

  • It comes with a carrying bag
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs. 
  • It can be folded into a compact design
  • Has four rotating feet that provide exceptional stability 


  • Stability can be an issue depending on the ground surface

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair, Black
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame wrapped with durable...
  • Adjustable seat height, wide backrest and 360 degree swivel...
  • Large swivel feet with independently adjusting legs...

Our final pick in this roundup post happens to be the Browning Camping Huntsman Chair. The fact that this is our last pick does not mean that it is any bad. You’ll be surprised by how luxurious and versatile this chair is. With the Huntsman chair, you do not have to purchase other chairs as you can use it for fishing, hunting and camping. 

I can confidently say that the Huntsman chair is a great addition for any hunting blind. It has so many features that an avid hunter would want. For starters, its seat height can be customized to meet your needs. The adjustment range is from 17.7 inches to 23 inches, which is quite good for all hunters. This feature alone makes the Huntsman chair ideal for a shooting bench or hunting blind.

The feature I like is the Techmesh Fabric. The entire seat is covered using this mesh fabric that is durable and breathable. This material dries pretty quickly, meaning that it won’t deteriorate because of wet conditions. The Huntsman chair is arguably the best in terms of providing a cool, comfortable seating.

Apart from the fabric, it can rotate a full 360 degrees, thus providing plenty of views and perfect shooting positions. It also comes with three adjustable legs that have large swivel feet. You can adjust the legs independently to provide level seating in case your hunting blind is on uneven terrain. The large swivel feet provide enough stability and prevent the chair from sinking into the ground. This is the perfect chair for hunting on spongy and uneven grounds.

Best Hunting Blind Chairs in 2021 1Pros

  • It is silent when sitting and turning
  • Offers plenty of adjustments in terms of height and feet
  • Has mesh fabric that is comfortable and breathable
  • It is durable


  • It is hard to transport

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Hunting Chair

Man sitting on best hunting blind chair

Shopping for a hunting chair will always be difficult and confusing, especially if you are a beginner. There are so many brands out there, and not all of them are worth the money. I have discussed the most important factors you need to consider before you hit the “add to cart” button.  

Build Quality

The first thing that should come to your mind when choosing which ground blind chair is ideal for you is the Build quality. By this, I mean the material used to construct the body of the chair. You need to ensure that the frame/skeleton of the chair is strong and sturdy. The material used should be able to accommodate your weight without bending or breaking.

Moreover, it should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminum material is great because of its tough nature and ability to disperse weight. Seats made with aluminum do not rust as they are designed for longevity. 

Apart from the frame, you need to consider the material used on the seat. The seat has to be durable and strong. Avoid purchasing seats with thin material as they will tear up in the long run. A thicker material is quite great in terms of service and comfort as well. The ideal fabric for a hunting chair is coated rip-stop nylon; it is resistant to ripping, tearing and water. 

In case you will be hunting from a damp or wet area, choose a water-resistant chair. You don’t want to chill in a soggy seat as it will ruin your hunting experience. Always go for a chair with closed-cell foam padding if you’ll be hunting in wet areas. 

It is also imperative to ensure that the material used does not smell. Some of the materials used in chairs might smell, especially when exposed to sunlight or rain. Remember that game animals have a strong sense of smell and can detect any unusual smell. So make sure you get it right when it comes to picking the right material.


Hunting chairs are always available in different styles. You obviously won’t be limited to one style. In case you are looking for a no setup chair, then go for an L-shaped version. It requires very little maintenance of any, and it’s easy to use. L-shaped hunting chairs come with internal supports, but they are not as steady.

The other available type is the bucket style hunting chairs. They are lightweight and can be comfortably folded. Besides, they don’t require much setup and most of them are built using tough material. The other advantage about bucket-style chairs is that they come with piles that are light and similar to tent poles. 

You can also opt to go for stools: some come with just one pole while others have three legs. The advantage of using these kinds of stools is that they are small, compact and lighter. You can carry them around without experiencing any problems. They are ideal when used on uneven surfaces. For single-pole stools, you have to do a bit of balancing to avoid toppling over.


Comfort has always been a vital factor whenever the issue of chairs comes up. You will never enjoy hunting if you are going to be sitting on a very uncomfortable ground blind chair. Always purchase a comfortable seat so that it is easier for you to hunt. You can tell that a certain chair is comfortable by checking if it offers any adjustments. Also, confirm that the backrest is positioned well to avoid any back pain. On a lighter note, don’t get too comfortable as you might doze off when hunting.


Every hunter out there wants a hunting chair that will serve them for a long time. It makes no sense to buy a chair after every few months. Get an aluminum hunting chair if you don’t want to incur replacement costs now and then. A durable hunting chair can withstand tough weather conditions without rusting or ripping. 


The other thing that you should not forget is the weight of the chair. Remember that you might be carrying this chair every time you go hunting. This is why you have to get a light hunting chair. As you well know, heavy equipment will slow you down and take up much of your energy. If possible, go for a foldable and compact chair. It is easier to carry a chair that collapses to something small. All in all, you can still go for a heavy chair if you have a car or ATV to transport it.


Hunting in the wet seasons demands that you use a waterproof chair. It is the only way to ensure that you won’t get soaked up or reduce the lifespan of the chair. Moreover, you don’t want the chair to gain extra weight as a result of being soaked in water. You have to ensure that the material used is waterproof, especially if you are going to be using a padded chair.


How easy will it be to set up your hunting chair? I am pretty sure no one wants to spend too much time trying to assemble or set up the chair. Get a hunting chair whose setup is easy and straightforward. This way, you will be able to spend your time on the most important activities.

Height of blind chair

Hunting requires you to be in the best position to take a shot. It is for this reason that you need to consider the height of the chair you want to purchase. For you take an accurate shot, you need to be sited at a higher level. In some cases, you have to take your short while seated at a lower level. This is why you need to get a chair that has an adjustable height. With such a hunting chair, you will be able to adjust accordingly without any distractions.


Always keep in mind that you will be hunting game that has strong and sharp senses. As an avid hunter, you want all your equipment to match with the surrounding. This is why you should go for a chair that is camouflaged. Avoid using a chair that can be spotted easily by animals; otherwise you’ll leave home empty-handed.


Just like cars or any other product you might think of, hunting chairs are available in different styles and sizes. This are the main factors that affect the price range of a chair. You have to consider how much you are willing to spend before you even pick a hunting chair. Once you have a budget in mind, you can proceed to compile a list of chairs that fall in your price range.

Benefits Of A Hunting Chair

hunting blind chair in a store

People are used to hunting without necessarily using chairs and that brings us to our next question, why use a hunting chair? Well, there are so many benefits associated with using a chair while hunting. I have highlighted quite a number of advantages below:

Longer Hunting Time

Whenever you go out for a hunting expedition, you have no idea how many minutes or hours you’ll take to catch a deer or whatever you are looking for. The truth is you might take a long time before you spot the right animal to take down. This is why it is important to be prepared for such scenarios. Of course, you can’t stand up for hours, you’ll get tired and most probably give up. A hunting blind chair comes in handy during such situations. You can sit down comfortably for as long as you have to without making noise or movements that will scare animals.

Offers Camouflage

Most hunting chairs are available in camo colors and that means that animals won’t notice you while scouting them. A good chair will give you the concealment you need before firing your rifle or bow. Hunters want to relax on a chair that helps camouflage them.

Good Positioning

As you well know, an accurate shot requires you to be positioned quite well. A hunting chair will allow you to position correctly for a long time. As a hunter, you have to restrict your movement; otherwise, you’ll not catch anything. Staying steady and relaxed are the ingredients of a perfectly timed shot. You want your target to get as close as possible without noticing your presence. 


Hunting can be so amazing when you have all the comfort you need. Bearing in mind that you’ll be glued at one position for a long time, it is important to have a comfortable chair. It is possible to chill at one place patiently if you are sitting on a comfortable hunting chair. Exhaustion can interfere with your hunting plans.


Safety is an important factor when hunting in the wilderness. Standing for long hours on a tree stand might expose you to accidents. The good thing is that you can use a hunting blind chair as it will save you the extra effort of standing and slipping from a tree stand. Besides, hunting chairs help eliminate noise which might scare game. You need to stay focused on your target without experiencing any problems whatsoever.


We’ve come to the end of this long post, and it’s my sincere hope that you’ve learnt a lot about the best hunting blind chairs. I believe you have the all the nuts and bolts and it will be much easier to choose the perfect chair or stool for your hunting blind. All the products that I have reviewed are legit and well-suited for hunting. You can use the factors to consider section to filter out the perfect chair for you. All in all, you can count on the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth hunting chair or the Millennium G100 since they are the top-rated in the market. Pair one of these with a pair of great hunting binoculars and you will be all set for the hunting season!