11 Best Hunting Pants in 2023 [Review]

Best Overall
SITKA Gear Ascent Pant
Premium Option
First Lite Men's Corrugate Guide Pant
Budget Option
ScentLok Mens Hunting Clothes - Taktix Full Season...
Best Overall
SITKA Gear Ascent Pant
Premium Option
First Lite Men's Corrugate Guide Pant
Budget Option
ScentLok Mens Hunting Clothes - Taktix Full Season...

To make it easy for you to find the best hunting pants, I have constructed a list of my favorite pants in an easy-to-read list with pros and cons. I hope you find this very helpful; enjoy!

Best Hunting Pants Reviewed And Rated

SITKA Gear Ascend Pants

Sitka Men's Standard Ascent Softshell Articulated...
  • CONCEALMENT - Subalpine is designed for stalking and...
  • DURABLE 4-WAY STRETCH FABRIC - Lightweight and...
  • MESHED POCKETS - All pockets are mesh backed for additional...

The SITKA ascend pants is made from a four-way stretch nylon fabric material that makes it lightweight while improving ventilation hence offering protection from the tough mountainous conditions which include the strong winds and the strong under-brush.

This is considered one of the best hunting pants due to its numerous benefits: improved design, camouflage, mobility, and stealth.

Distinctive Stealth

Every hunter dreams of hunting down that elusive prey, and in most cases, this takes several hours of patiently waiting at the same spot for the opportune moment to strike.

Camouflage plays a significant role in remaining concealed in the background, and that’s where the SITKA gear Ascend pants benefit the hunter.

The SITKA gear ascends pants are built for the mountainous terrain and come in different colors, namely open country, pyrite, and subalpine, which are very useful for camouflage in the mountainous terrain.

The SITKA also comes with an inbuilt polygene odor control that controls body odor by neutralizing the development of bacteria responsible for fungi and odor thus maximizing camouflage even under extreme conditions.

Improved Protection

Protection from minor avoidable injuries is a major concern for all hunters as injuries significantly impact the hunting process; hence h, hunting gear with additional protection is very beneficial.

The SITKA gear has enhanced protection features such as waterproof knee and seat pads to protect against sharp mountain rocks.

Enhanced Mobility

Hunting as a sport could involve high levels of movement from one place to the other in pursuit of prey while minimizing noise hence the need for hunting gear with better mobility prospects.

The SITKA ascend gear is best adapted to maximize movement through its waistband aimed at keeping the gear in place and well placed knees to prevent chaffing while on the move as well as

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⦁ Excellent resistance against the strong mountainous winds and chilly conditions
⦁ Made from durable material, which enables it to be used by the buyer over a long period of time.
⦁ The gear is lightweight to improve mobility
⦁ The pants has additional protection in the knee and seating area against sharp rocks and strong Material to offer safety from undergrowth brushes
⦁ The pants’ utilities can be used for different purposes which include hunting and mountaineering among others
⦁ The pants colors of open country, pyrite and subalpine offer better camouflage in the mountainous terrain.

⦁ Because the pants serve a wider market, sizes are general, thus making it difficult to establish well-fitting sizes online.
⦁ The additional protection offered in the kneepads and seating area slightly increases the pants’ weight hence affecting mobility.
⦁ The pants’ pockets are smaller compared to other hunting pants, thus limiting the pants’ utility.

First Lite Corrugate Lite Pants

First Lite Men's Corrugate Guide Pant
  • The armored truck of First Lite pants, the nylon fabric is...
  • Durable Water Repellent finish for all weather capability....
  • 3D double cargo pockets for ample storage. One zippered...

The First Lite Corrugate pants are arguably the best hunting pants with a professional outlook, thus enabling them to be used for various purposes, from outdoor activities to fitness and casual wear.


Most hunters are concerned about durability due to the tough outdoor condition alongside the effect of durability from a cost-benefit analysis.

Made from a high-quality nylon fabric that is wear-resistant, the First Lite Corrugate Lite Pants can offer protection from tough forest environments such as underbrush and weather elements such as wind and rain due to nylon fabric’s ability to repel water.

The pants also have an in-built stretch that protects them from getting ripped due to its tough stitching and the use of abrasion-resistant Material.

Increased Mobility

The ultra-durable nylon fabric of the first lite corrugate pants also gives the pants a lightweight feel that improves the hunter’s mobility and flexibility during the movement.

Additional Features

The first lite corrugate pants come in different colors, namely conifer, dry earth, first lite fusion, first lite cipher, and camo, which are ideal for camouflage.

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The pants also boast extra-sized pockets that are very effective for carrying additional hunting accessories, such as a penknife or torch to be used in the hunting expedition.

⦁ Made from tough Material that is abrasion resistant thus prevents chances of wear or ripping while hunting
⦁ Excellent resistance against weather elements namely wind and water
⦁ Big sized pockets that enable it to carry additional tools
⦁ The pants has an additional belt loop that gives room for additional accessories such as torch
⦁ Multipurpose use pants that can be used in other outdoor activities

⦁ Belt loops may be an inconvenience to the user during hunting
⦁ Poor ventilation which makes it inappropriate for extremely hot conditions
⦁ Mobility is affected in cold condition due to the chaffing sound from nylon clothing contact.

Scentlok Coldblooded Waterproof Hunting Pants

ScentLok Cold Blooded Pant
  • BRAVE THE ELEMENTS: The Cold Blooded Pants are designed to...
  • SCENT BLOCKING: The advanced Carbon Alloy technology woven...
  • MOISTURE CONTROL: The Cold Blooded pant is constructed with...

Considered the best waterproof hunting pants as a result of its hydrophobic coating, Scentlok Coldblooded Waterproof Hunting Pants are also well adapted for stealth.

Completely Waterproof Material

Water, blood, and other semi-liquid elements, such as mud and animal dung, could significantly inconvenience a hunter. However, the Scentlok Coldblooded Waterproof Hunting Pants is well adapted to address this through its hydrophobic coating.

The hydrophobic coating is very helpful for mobility, as rain, sweat, or other liquids cannot lodge on the pants and slow down the hunter.


Wild animals have a powerful sense of smell and can pick out the hunter’s scent from miles away.

However, the Scentlok coldblooded pants use carbon technology to minimize absorption as much as possible h, making it impossible for the hunter’s scent to be picked by wild animals.

The carbon technology combined with camouflaging colors improves the hunter’s stealth mode making it easier to kill prey.

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Additional Feature

The scentlok coldblooded pants are also designed with huge pockets strategically located to assist the hunter in carrying additional hunting accessories.

⦁ High sense of stealth in hunting
⦁ Improved mobility even in extreme weather conditions
⦁ Protection from extreme weather conditions
⦁ Unaffected by rain, water, mud or other liquids during a hunting expedition
⦁ Has a belt loop that can also serve as a holder for other accessories

⦁ Inability to withstand rough terrain and very hot weather conditions

ScentLok Men Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants

ScentLok Mens Hunting Clothes - Taktix Full Season...
  • SCENT CONTROL ScentLok’s Carbon Alloy technology combines...
  • WATER REPELLENT technology dramatically repels water and...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT AND MOBILITY Product features include micro...

The ScentLok Men Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants is an improved version of the scentlok coldblooded pants, albeit with additional features. The ScentLok Men Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants are arguably the best for hunting because they are sent on the Scentlok cold-blooded pants.

Resistant Waterproof coating

The waterproof technology used in manufacturing the ScentLok Men Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants also improves the scentlok cold-blooded pants. The Scentlok tactic is also designed with a hydrophobic coating that repels all weather elements, namely water, wind, mud, and blood, alongside other liquids, from coming into contact with the hunter.

Improved Stealth Capability

Scentlok is made using improved carbon technology to keep one inconspicuous in both the savannah and the plains through maximum odor absorption, thus preventing one’s presence from being smelt by animals.

Secondly the coloration used in the scentlok taktix hunting pants is a mix of jungle images for ease of camouflage in both the plains and the savannah by concealing both the scent and visibility.

Additional Features

The pant also boasts numerous well-sized pockets that are very helpful in carrying numerous hunting accessories. In addition, the apparel is comfortable to wear while on hunting expeditions and easy to clean.

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The main downside to this pair of pants is that they are not adapted to rough terrains and weather due to the effect of rough terrains and weather on the coating. The other downside of these pants is poor ventilation, which could make the pant uncomfortable in hot weather.

⦁ Great for stealth purposes as the scent and vision are well concealed
⦁ The pants significantly reduces noise through reduced friction when in motion
⦁ Ease of mobility even in wet and hot conditions
⦁ Offers a good cover even in wet conditions
⦁ Call seasons can be used in different vegetation types ranging from savannah woodland to plateaus.

⦁ Cannot withstand harsh terrain or weather as these two factors affect the pants’ Material
⦁ The pants are prone to picking up burrs hence require additional belt loops at the front.

Krumba Men’s Camouflage Hunting Pants

Krumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Windproof Waterproof...
  • Age: Suitable for S-3XL Men
  • Shell Material: 86%Polyester/ 14%Elastane , Waterproof and...
  • Features: Loose fit, Straight leg, Mulit pocket, Linning is...

The Karumba men’s camouflage hunting pants are considered one of the average hunting pants with exciting hunting features such as material durability, camouflage, and comfort, among others.

Properly designed Material

Designed with a two-layered material to offer additional protection against water and wind, the Krumba hunting pants have an outer layer made with 86% polyester and 14% elastane to offer additional protection against strong wind and water by being water and windproof.

The inner lining is made from fleece fabric to provide comfort and protection from contact with elements such as undergrowth brush and sharp rocks.

Due to the material quality, the hunting pants are lightweight to enhance mobility while hunting. Similarly, rains and swamps are common attributes in the wild. However, Krumba hunting pants minimize the effects through their waterproof Material.


Karumba hunting pants are also designed in dark jungle green colors to offer camouflage while hunting against the jungle’s background. As a result of this camouflage, the hunter can remain in one position unspotted for a very long time.

Additional Features

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The Karumba hunting pants also dons multiple pockets that can be harnessed for convenience when carrying additional hunting tools. The Karumba hunting pants’ Material is also easy to clean, making it convenient and reliable for long-term hunting purposes.

⦁ The Material used in making the hunting pant provide it with additional protection from weather elements and physical element while maintaining a lightweight for ease of mobility
⦁ The hunting pants are also designed in jungle green colors to offer additional camouflage while in the jungle
⦁ The hunting pants are also loosely fitting with additional pockets for convenience in carrying additional hunting accessories

⦁ Not ideal for use in very hot conditions
⦁ Difficulties in determining best fitting size online

SITKA Gear Mountain Pants

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Another version of the SITKA hunting pants, the SITKA Gear Mountain pants, is made for mountaineers, but its features make it appropriate for hunting pants. The SITKA gear mountain pants are a mix of versatility and durability which makes it best suited for extreme conditions such as hunting.

They are specially designed for Extreme Conditions.

The SITKA gear mountain pants are specifically designed for extreme mountain conditions. The SITKA gear is made from stretch woven polyester with a four-way stretch capability. This enables it not only to withstand tear and wear but also weather conditions such as rain and wind by being waterproof and windproof. The tear and wear resistance are very significant in hunting because they protect the wearer from the tough undergrowth and twigs and maintain durability.

Improved Safety Features

To improve safety, the SITKA Gear Mountain pants are equipped with a detachable pad in both the knee and seating area to protect from the rough mountainous terrain when scaling or crawling.

These safety features are equally beneficial to a hunter as they protect from crawling, kneeling, and scaling trees.

Enhanced Mobility Features

The SITKA mountain gear has additional features in its design aimed at improving mobility. These features include; a contoured fitting in the seating area to provide the gear with sufficient mobility for athletic movement; the leg area is also tapered to minimize friction and noise for enhanced stealth capability.

Additionally, the pants’ tall waistline increases hip contact and thin enough to reduce friction for comfort and make the pants more fitting.

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Additional features

The gear also boasts two zippered side and hip pockets for carrying additional hunting tools. The SITKA gear comes in open country and mountain colors, enabling it to be used for outdoor biking activities.

⦁ Durable base material
⦁ Increased comfort, safety and enhanced mobility by the pants
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ Multiple outdoor use

⦁ Small pockets which limit usage
⦁ Difficulties in getting used to the knee pad

Yukon Gear

Yukon Gear Men's Hunting Insulated Pant
  • 240 Gram Brushed Poly Tricot
  • waterproof and breathable
  • 2 side, 1 rear, 1 front pocket

The Yukon Gear also passes as an average pair of hunting pants, albeit with fantastic hunting pant features, thus passing out as appropriate all-season hunting apparel. The Main selling points of the Yukon gear are its design, Materia,l, and camouflage.

The Design

The Yukon hunting gear is designed to swift mobility, tough terrain and the extreme weather of the wild. The Yukon gear is loose fitting with a slightly tighter waistline to improve mobility while ensuring the wearer is as safe as possible by being lightweight.

The Material used in making the Yukon gear is polyester tricot, which provides insulation against heat and cold and is waterproof with sufficient ventilation. The polyester tricot material is also wear and tear resistant hence protecting the wearer from effects of undergrowth.


The Yukon gear comes in a range of dark camouflaged jungle colors which are efficient in enhancing stealth while hunting. This is helpful in hunting expeditions since the hunter remains concealed against the jungle background while awaiting prey.

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Additional Benefits

The gear also boasts huge-sized pockets strategically located by the sides, at the back, and front, for convenience in porting additional hunting equipment.

⦁ Excellent protection against weather elements
⦁ Spacious pockets for storing accessories
⦁ Better camouflage in the wild
⦁ Suitable for all seasons

⦁ Difficulty in cleaning
⦁ Unsuitable for extremely hot weather conditions

Hunting Pants Ratings

Best Hunting Pants

As evidenced by the reviews section, hunting pants are available in different types, with each type having distinct characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. In choosing the best hunting pants, one has to choose based on their hunting needs, hunting terrain and season among others factors.

This is because one’s choice of the best hunting pants in line with one’s hunting needs can provide the hunter with significant hunting advantages making the hunting process a seamless activity. Using the review above, the following is the list of hunting pants based on how they scored with regard to hunting needs. Combine any of these with the best hunting GPS, and you will surely have a great hunting trip!

SITKA Gear Ascend Pants proved to be the best hunting pants from the samples analyzed due to the factors that it covers a wide range of hunting needs. The SITKA Gear Ascend Pants were found to be durable, had improved stealth, had a high sense of safety and enhanced mobility which are the main needs of a hunter.

The SITKA gear ascends pants, thus scoring a 10/10 average on my rating.

The second best-hunting pants based on the hunting samples analyzed were the ScentLok Men Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants. This is because ScentLok taktix offered a high level of stealth, safety, mobility and perfect protection from weather elements with its only shortcoming being the inability to be used in extreme conditions. The Scentlok taktix thus score a 9.5/10 average on my rating.

The Scentlok Coldblooded Waterproof Hunting Pants was rated third after its definitive version, the Scentlok tactics, due to using lower technology than its predecessor. The Scentlok coldblooded thus score a 9/10 average on my rating.

Karumba Men’s Camouflage Hunting Pants were rated fourth due to the pants’ ability to offer increased slightly above average durability, better camouflage, and protection from weather elements.

Karumba thus scores an 8/10 average on my rating.

First, Lite Corrugate Lite Pants was rated fifth because it performs averagely on key hunting needs, namely camouflage and stealth, although it performed better on protection and durability.

First Lite thus scores an 8/10 average on my rating.

Yukon Gear was rated sixth due to its inability to address hunter’s safety needs well and its inability to work in very high temperatures. Yukon thus scores a 7.5/10 average on my rating.
SITKA gear mountain gear came in seventh place due to the fact that it was a mountaineering pant that could serve hunting needs and lacked on basic a number of hunting needs such as camouflage.

SITKA mountain thus score a 7/10 average on my rating

Here are some extra tips to maintain your hunting pants after the purchase

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