Where Can You Bow Hunt In Europe (The Definitive Answer)

This article will show you where you can bow hunt in Europe and I will give you my personal favorite destination.

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This article is going to give you the answer many visitors and people who live in Europe are wondering. And that is where can you bow hunt in Europe? I will explain this to you plus my favorite spots and countries to go to.

Where can you bow hunt in Europe? You can bow hunt in  Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. These are the places in Europe where bow hunting is legal.

The reason so many countries have not allowed bow hunting is weird. The bow is a highly precise weapon that can kill any animal as well or even better than a gun. I will explain to you the reason why governments banned bow hunting.

The reason that so many countries in Europe have banned bow hunting is mainly out of four reasons.

  • Accuracy
  • Killing time
  • Injured animals
  • Stealth-hunting

A lot of politicians believe that a bow and arrow is not as accurate as a gun. This can be true, but the distance archers use makes the accuracy a lot better and it should be a major point of banning the equipment as it is today.

Most of the points against making bow hunting legal are speculation or even incorrect. The next point mentioned by politicians when they are asked the question of legality is the killing time.

Looking at videos of bow hunting you can see the animal not laying dead on the ground before a few seconds have passed by. This is an argument, but a false one.

When hunters use the bow the most common distance is about 30 meters. A bow used from that distance equals the accuracy of a gunshot from 100 meters.

Killing time The speed and size of the arrow can kill an animal faster than a gun if used properly. A shot from a gun will wound the animal to a bigger degree, but it won’t kill it faster.

The arrow will fair through vital organs and will result in fast death, while with a gun the animal can survive for an extended period of time.

Injured animals. The chance of an injured animal is there, but are less than hunting with guns. There was maid a study in Denmark in 1999 on bow shooting. The percentage of animals injured during the hunting period was 2.9%.

This is a very small amount and any hunting group with guns would have a hard time beating it.

Stealth Hunting. Excpially in Norway stealth hunting is something that is taken very seriously. Stealth hunting is hunting without a license and not in the hunting period.

Using a bow and an arrow would make this easier for the hunters to hunt without a license without being noticed because of sound. This can lead to exterminate

The price of hunting depends on where you are planning to travel and what animal you are planning to hunt. There are several great websites where you can find places and packages to use for hunting. I found this site https://www.bookyourhunt.com I have not tried this one myself, but it had some great packages and places to go so I will maybe try it in the near future.

The website will show you guides and tours you can take and people you can hunt with. Make sure to check their rating and reviews to not get scammed. Another thing to remember is to check if you need a license and price.

You don’t want to be stopped by the police without a license. It can be really expensive, so make sure to check in on that and read up on the rules and legalities in the country you are deciding to travel to.

The two countries I have had the most experiences with and enjoyed the most was Spain and France.

They are just two great places for hunting, nature, and climate is just awesome the amount of hunting in Spain have increased severely in the last few years and have become a huge interest for tourists and locals.

The great thing about Spain is that there are no requirements for hunting there, besides a few places. So make sure to ask your hunting outfitter before booking anything.

Bow hunting in spain

There are a lot of animals of all sizes that you can hunt on and the fun you can enjoy there depends totally on your imagination. I had a great time hunting there and I see no reason for you to not enjoy it as well.

Here is an article was written on hunting in Spain its really great and you can see some awesome photos http://bowsite.com/bowsite/features/articles/spain/.

Bow hunting in France

Same goes with France, France is a great place to go hunting. But there is more paperwork to be done if you decide to go there. You need to read up on this and make sure to get yourself a license and know when the hunting period is for your desired animal.

Besides that the hunting possibilites is great and so is the conditions.

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