Bowtech Carbon Knight Review – Compound Bow

Bowtech Carbon Knight

This Bowtech carbon night review will cover both the negative and the positive aspects of the bow, but I have owned it since its release, and I must say, it is a neat bow! Now let me tell you why.

Carbon Knight Specs

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When it was released, I was stoked along with many others in the archery community. It is a lightweight bow and had an IBO of 335 FPS which not many bows can match, especially at this price point and at this weight.

Just so you know you can find the product on amazon HERE, but I recommend you to purchase it on eBay here instead since it is an older bow I am sure there are a few deals on there which you can snatch up instead a brand new bow.

If you were going to buy it new you would switch out the string anyway so there isn’t really any reason not to buy this one used in my opinion as long as it’s in good condition. Here is a list of the best bow string waxes out there that you can use as well to maintain the string on this beast..

The Bowtech Carbon Knight weights only 3.2 lbs! The reason that it’s so lightweight is because of the carbon material used on the riser. The use of carbon results in a compact, fast and lightweight bow that performs at a high level.

I am not sure why you are looking into the bow, but if it’s for either hunting or target shooting I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised after your purchase.

I certainly am glad and so are the amazon users who have bought this, they all are raving for this project and with 4.8 stars out of 5, there isn’t a lot much else to say.

In-depth review of the Carbon Knight Compound Bow

Ok, so now let’s jump into the details and see what makes this bow what is it is. Like all other great compound bows out there, there are more pros than cons, but there are two problems, the string and the length of the bow that I will cover as well.

The Riser

First let’s cover one of my favorite part of this bow, the riser. Bowtechs goal on this bow was to make a great bow that was lightweight and I will say they crushed their goal.

Having the skeleton design doesn’t only add to the looks of the bow, but it makes it lighter as well by removing access material. Having a lighter riser will make it easier for you to hold it straight, but easier to carry with you on long walks and hikes as well. If you are hunting this is a big perk!

When I was in the military we were dragging around on these big HK-16 guns, after the several hundred miles we walked with these heavy metal pieces I decided to at least never buy a heavy bow to bring along on my longer hunting trips. Not long after I was holding the Bowtech Carbon Knight in my hand, and that I must say it was a good feeling.

Accessories – Still if the riser has a skeleton design, there is still plenty of space for your accessories on there. It has mounting brackets for quivers, sights, rests, and stabilizers. That means you can transition into this bow without having to store away any of your expensive equipment.

The Grip

The grip on the Bowtech Carbon Knight is made out of carbon material as well. I am they implemented it to the grip as well.


I live in Oregon, and the winters here can get very cold, carbon doesn’t get as cold as the aluminum grips, so it saves my hands from a lot of freezing and making practice and hunting in the winter time a lot easier.

Bowtech carbon knight cam system

There isn’t anything else to say then good job on the creation of this cam system. It can be a bit complex in the beginning, but when you have tuned it correctly you have a cam system that feels smooth and works like a charm.

The cams (2) on the Carbon Knight is identical to one another, by making them identical they state that the string travels more consistently resulting in no nock travel. By reducing the nock travel you will notice a significant increase in the accuracy of the bow.

There are some advanced features on these cams that will make your life easier and your shots as well.

The Carbon Knight cam systems are identical, but they are slaved together as well. What I mean by that is that they won’t get out of tune. Your tuning will imply to both of the cams, what one cam does, does the other as well.

A lot of users love their cam systems because of this. All their features and details into the cam systems result in accurate, smooth, and super high-speed shots.

How does it perform and feel?

The Bowtech Carbon Knight feels amazing and the draw cycle is simply great as well. I posted on facebook to let some other peoples share their experience with the bow as well, so I didn’t miss lead you in any way, but from the comments, I can confidently say that my experience and thoughts about this bow are accurate.

When you use the same bow for a long time you can get biased, especially when you are writing a review about it, so I had to confirm it.

The bow is amazing to use, it’s light, the grip is good to hold and the accuracy is on point. I think it’s a great bow that any archer out there would be happy to get their hands on.

Suitable for hunting

The Bowtech Carbon Night is light and fast. If you are going for longer hikes to achieve to your designated hunting spot there isn’t any better bow to take along with you the carbon knight.

As you know the speed on this compound bow makes it a beast. With 335 FPS you will be able to take down the biggest game out there such as buffalos for example without any struggle.

You are able to calculate this by using the kinetic energy calculators out there. By using the two measurements arrow grains and FPS, you probably dont know which arrows you will use yet for your bow, but I will give you a few recommendations you can look into that I personally use and have found working quite well with it.

Complete Package

If you are going to buy this item from amazon ( you can find it here), then it comes as a complete package with everything you need such as a good sight, an arrow rest, 5x octana arrow quiver, peep sight, BCY string loop, a stabilizer and sling and string dampening components.

If you buy it on eBay however you need to find deals that include these things or just buy them separate, If you are going to buy this for yourself I recommend you to buy it on eBay to get the best bang for your buck.

Recommended Gear

Since there isn’t any packages out there that give you any arrows along with the bow I would advise you to buy these arrows. Those are the ones that I use for this one and they work perfectly and they are suited so that they can get the maximum benefits from this bow.

Last words

It’s overall a great compound bow that I would recommend any archer out there to purchase if they are looking for an overall great bow for a good price.

It is suitable for hunting and target shooting, which is excellent as well. I love both so have a bow that is used for both shooting at archery targets and animals is just perfect.

Remember to buy an extra pair of arrows or at least have a few extras to use for practice and spare the ones you want to use for hunting. You dont want to use the same arrows for practice as you are when you are hunting because hunting arrows needs to be in excellent conditions.

If you are more of a recurve bow guy then I would recommend you to check out our articles on that. I have gathered a list on here of these best recurve bows where you can easily find one that fits your needs.