How To Store A Compound Bow (Your 4-Step Guide)

bow and arrow

The ideal way to store your bow is in a fitting, long-lasting bow case. This is true for both residential and vacation storage. To avoid damage to your compound bow and injury, store it properly. These bows aren’t cheap and require a lot of attention when it comes to storage. Don’t worry. I’ll discuss everything … Read more

7 Best Recurve Bows For Beginners in 2023 (Review)

Bear Archery Wizard Youth Bow

When I first got into recurve bow archery, I found that one of the most difficult things was figuring out which bow to get while still future-proofing for when I improved; with this in mind, finding a recurve bow that’s best for a beginner can be tough. We’ve researched for you and tested to find … Read more

Is Archery Expensive? Cost Breakdown for All Equipment

archery bow

In Archery, you need a lot of equipment, which naturally will cause you to ask yourself if it’s expensive. I will break down the costs for you in this article and show you how to become an archer and simultaneously save money. Is Archery expensive? Yes, Archery can be expensive, but it can be cheap if you want it to be. The price point depends on the buyer and his needs. Before deciding what equipment to buy, you need … Read more

The Best Way To Teach Yourself Archery

an archer holding his compound bow

I always see people asking, “Can you teach yourself archery” and the short answer is yes. I will explain a few steps to practice and give tips on what bow you should choose. Yes, You can teach yourself archery. It requires a lot of practice, but there is a lot of information online and videos … Read more

How To Make A Cross Bow Out Of Wood

handmade cross bow

Crossbows can be really expensive. If you’ve just gotten into the hobby of bowhunting, chances are you won’t be very keen on spending a lot of money on a bow, but rather taking things slow. One of the best ways of practicing archery without spending money on a sophisticated bow is making your own. There … Read more

How Often Should You Rosin Your Bow (Expert Tips)

rosin applied to bow string

How often should you rosin your bow? As with anything, it depends on many factors. If your wax is viscous and fluid, you’ll need to apply it less often than if it’s more solid. How often you should apply rosin also, of course, depends on use. As a general rule, rosin is applied every 50 … Read more

Refinish A Recurve Bow: A Step by Step Guide

refinish recurve bow

A recurve bow is a type of traditional bow that curves away from the archer. If your recurve bow’s finish is peeling or damaged, you should think about refinishing it. Before refinishing a recurve bow, you should have a fundamental understanding of carpentry.  Learn how to refinish your recurve bow with these tips. Tools Needed … Read more

How To Restring A Compound Bow Without A Bow Press

an archer waxing his compound bow string

A bowstring is an essential component in shooting arrows, and restringing your bow ensures the accuracy of your shot. In addition, it’s the best way to avoid string breakage, which could cause injuries.  While archery shops use a compound bow press to relieve string tension, you can change your bowstring by yourself at home too! … Read more

How To Measure Brace Height On A Compound Bow

an archer practicing at an indoor range

The distance between the deepest section of the grip and the bowstring is the brace height of a bow. Bows with shorter brace heights shoot arrows faster than bows with taller brace heights. It’s crucial to know how to measure the brace height of any bow so that an archer can fine-tune it for better … Read more