5 Best Deer Hoist For The Money in 2023

In this article you can find out what are the 5 best deer hoists for 2021. If you are hunter check out and see for yourself deer hoist.

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It’s fun to take down a huge game, but it’s close to impossible Clean and transporting the deer afterward can be a long and tedious process if you don’t have the right equipment. With a deer hoist, you can make this process easier and shorter. In addition, you will save your back from a lot of trouble.

A game hoist is a must-have piece of equipment that allows you to raise the deer into the air, making it easy to do the dirty work. It’s possible to do the job with the deer lying on the ground, but it’s more time-consuming and stressful than having the game hanging freely.

There are various deer hoist models on the market ranging from tripos, tree attachments, and vehicle hoists. We all have our preferences which is why we have included our top 5 picks with various attachment methods and weight capacities.

Best Deer Hoist Reviewed and Rated

1. Rage Powersports Deer Hoise

Kill Shot Deer-Hoist-Swivel Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Deer...
Kill Shot Deer-Hoist-Swivel Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Deer...
  • Swiveling hitch-mounted deer hanger for easy skinning,...
  • 360 degree swivel with 4 position locking pin system
  • Includes 24" gambrel and an adjustable foot to support hoist...

Our favorite hoist is Rage Powersports. It has a high weight capacity allowing you to work with any sized deer. It has a simple attachment constructed for vehicles and ATVs, which is our preferred way since it gives a higher weight capacity and allows you to use it wherever you bring the game.

After the skinning, you can easily drag the deer into the truck without doing it manually, risking breaking your back. The hoist comes with a strap, gambrel, and winch, which is everything you need to get started.

Our favorite part about this deer hoist is its massive weight capacity. Because of the sturdy build with 37.5 x 27 x 98 dimensions, you can lift 500 lbs with ease. In terms of height, the house can be extended from 70″ to 87″, and the foot base can be extended from 0.25″ to 11.5″.

Thanks to the adjustable parts, you can move the deer to various angles and ensure it stays stable. The last thing you want is the deer swinging all over the place while attending to it.

We found the hoist to be very durable; the strap and frame are of high quality, ensuring that the hoist will last you for several years and seasons.

The price is higher than other models on this list, but every penny is worth it due to its features and durability.

If you are looking for a solid deer hoist, the Range Powersports is our top choice. It’s a serious investment suited for serious hunters. If you like having a truck attachment and a high weight capacity, the Range Powersports got you back.


  • Adjustable height
  • 500 Lbs weight capacity
  • 360-degree pivot design resulting in easy loading
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive

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2. Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist

Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist Stand for Hunting with...
Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist Stand for Hunting with...
  • DEER HOIST AND GAMBREL – This truck-mounted deer hoist is...
  • SWIVEL SYSTEM – The hitch rack hoist swivels 360-degrees...
  • EASY TO ATTACH – The game hoist attaches to most trucks...

Guide Gear is a popular brand for its high-quality products and great prices. We found the deer hoist to provide everything we needed for a budget-friendly price. The hoist was easy to set up and comes with a vehicle attachment making it easy to skin the deer wherever you are.

It’s equipped with a 360-degree swivel making it easy to load and unload the elk or deer. Because of its solid, rugged steel construction and reliable cable, you can lift 300 lbs.

The lift can be taken apart when not in use, making it easy to store and transport. We found all the parts to be of great quality. We haven’t owned the hoist for more than a month, but keeping in mind its robust build, we are sure it will last you for a long time.

Overall it’s a high-quality product that provides everything you need in a lift. Compared to the Rage Powersports, it’s a bit weaker in weight capacity, but 300 lbs should be more than enough. In addition, you save a lot of money and get similar features to the Rage Powersports.


  • Collapsable design
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Reliable cables
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Budget-friendly price
  • 300 Lbs weight capacity


  • Shorter than its competitors

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3. Rage Powersports Tripod Hoist with Gambrel

Kill Shot 500 lbs. Capacity Tripod Game Hoist with...
Kill Shot 500 lbs. Capacity Tripod Game Hoist with...
  • Manufactured from durable, powder-coated steel
  • Measures 8' tall when fully assembled; 500 lb. weight...
  • Ideal for skinning, cleaning and moving game

Rage Powersports is our top pick if you are looking for a tripod hoist. Because of its sturdy design and heavy-duty steel, the hoist can easily hold up to 500 lbs. The Tripod can be collapsed into a small pole that takes up a small amount of space suited for easy storage and transportation.

The Tripod is both tall and solid. Its 9 feet tall construction gives you a nice room to work with and can hold a ton of weight. The dimensions are 72 x 72 x 108 inches and they weigh around 50 lbs. It has a larger capacity than most other models on the market, making it more capable of holding most big games.

Because of its tall construction and heavy weight, the Tripod can be difficult to carry around. We recommend purchasing a good bag to use for carrying the Tripod if you are going to walk long distances.

Remember that this model does not have a hitch mount, so if this is necessary for you, this is not the hoist.

Besides this, we found the Tripod to be a great pick offering everything we wanted from east setup, high weight capacity, and durable construction. Because of all this, you should be more than capable of using this Tripod for all your game in the following years.


  • Easy to setup
  • Takedown design makes it easy to transport and store
  • 500 Lbs weight capacity
  • Gambrel and spiked legs included
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Heavy
  • No hitch mount included

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4. ForEverlast Game Hanger Portable

ForEverlast GH Game Hanger Tripod
ForEverlast GH Game Hanger Tripod
  • 8 Ft. tall frame and heavy duty winch system make lifting...
  • Galvanized Tubing for Longevity and durability.

The Foreverlast is another great tripod model offering everything you need, from high weight capacity to handy features such as a 360-degree swivel. There is not a big difference between the Foreverlast and Rage Powersports, although we found the Rage Powersports tripod to have a studier and more robust winch, which lead us to rate it as our best tripod stand.

Foreverlast has a durable stand allowing you to skin or gut any deer up to 500 pounds. As always, you get a 360-degree swivel that makes it easy to rotate the deer during your work and for easy offloading.

Its tripod design allows you to collapse the legs resulting in a single pole that is easy to carry and transport. From collapsed to set up fully is a short and easy process; only a few adjustments and parts need to be in place before you can start working on your catch.

Compared to the Rage Powersports, this Tripod comes at a higher price. It’s not suited for every Budget, but if you are a regular hunter looking for the best equipment, this Tripod is worth a closer look.

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5. Viking Solutions

Viking Solutions Kwik Hoist - Rugged Durable...
Viking Solutions Kwik Hoist - Rugged Durable...
  • YOUR BEST CHOICE - The Viking Kwik Hoist is a simple, rugged...
  • DURABILITY AND STRENGTH - The Viking deer hoist features a...
  • WELL-DESIGNED - This Viking rugged hoist's chain and lower...

The Viking solution is a creative hoist that allows you to lift the deer with the help of a tree or any other solid construction. Compared to a tripod, the Viking hoist is light and easy to carry, with a small weight of 17.5 lbs.

Vikings’ design makes this house quick and easy to set up. Lift the hoist to our desired height and attach the chain around the tree stem. Compared to a tripod, the Viking solution can be used for skinning deer and setting up other hunting equipment, such as a deer feeder.

We found the hoist to work perfectly, although it’s not ideal for loading the deer into the truck. You need to drive the truck up towards the tree setup or find a tree close to your car to load the game into the truck.

It’s the best portable option because of its slim weight and easy design. The price is great, and you get your money’s worth, but you are sacrificing weight capacity compared to a tripod. However, you get more portability and a lighter construction in return.

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Things to look for when looking for the Best Deer Hoist

When you are looking to purchase a deer hoist, there are a few requirements and points you should keep in mind. In the past months, we had the pleasure of testing various models from different brands and providers. Through this experience, we learned a bunch and found a few favorites, as you can imagine.

We strongly recommend you pick a house from the list above, but if you disliked all of them, here is a write-up. This section will look at the requirements and parts we recommend you pay close attention to before you make the purchase.

Although these hoists can be used for various tasks, such as lifting your truck, a deer feeder, or any other heavy item, this article is the best deer hoist.

Now, let’s look at the essential parts and features you should look for.

Quality and construction

Quality is one of the most important factors. We recommend you avoid plastic or aluminum hoists since these tend to break quickly. A solid hoist should construct of heavy-duty steel to get the optimal durability and strength needed to do the job.

After this, the construction you choose is essential. Do you need a tripod, Viking, or a modern Hitch-mounted hoist? They have pros and cons, although our favorite is the hitch and tripod models. These tend to provide you with the required weight capacity and are known to be durable and long-lasting.

Weight capacity

Deers and elk can weigh a lot, so it’s essential to have a strong lift to handle large animals comfortably. The weight capacity depends on various factors ranging from construction, material, and thickness of the material.

Finding the weight capacity of a certain product should be fairly simple. We found most products had this information included in the product description on Amazon; if not, ask someone who owns the products or read on forums.

Our recommended weight capacity is 500 lbs since this is the heaviest you will find on the market. It is not needed in most cases, but if you are lucky to catch a 400 lb deer, you must be able to skin it while using your house. In addition, the smaller game will be more comfortable to hold and work with if you have a sturdy and durable deer elevator.

Hitch mounted attachment

A hitch mount allows you to connect the hoist to your truck, ATV, or car, resulting in more sturdiness and weight capacity. In addition to that, it will be a lot easier to load the car because of the nature of the setup.

Not all models have a hitch mount, so check the product description or our chart at the top of this page.

Design and features

What design you should choose depends on your requirements ranging from collapsable tripods to hitch attachment hoists.

An essential feature you should look for when purchasing a host is a 360-degree swivel since it is easy to skin the deer and load the car when you are finished working. In addition, the swivel makes it easier to gut your deer at awkward spots and areas on the deer.


When making an investment, it’s important to ensure that it will last you for a long time. The durability of a hoist depends on a range of factors, from quality, material, and construction.

A heavy-duty hoist should last you for several years resulting in a great investment that won’t cost you much per year. To find such a hoist, we suggest you look for steel hoists with high-weight capacities.

In addition to the build, you should check the wire and other parts since these are the ones that often go bad and stop working. Make sure the rope doesn’t rust or fray since this can lead to it ripping apart.

Electric or hand winch

A winch is a tool you use to lift the deer from the ground. There are mainly two types of winches, and that is manual and electric. The most common winch is manual, but you can purchase an electric winch separately and install it yourself.

I have an electric winch installed on my Rage Powersport, and it’s a luxury but far from required. It’s recommended to try a manual winch before you decide to upgrade to an electric winch since a manual winch does the job perfectly. It just requires some extra effort.


Not everyone has the Budget to purchase the best on the market, soy we have included both cheap and luxurious options on our list. We have found a correlation between price and quality, but some brands still provide excellent lifts at a low price, such as the Guide Gear Deer Hoist.

Most of the hoists in our lists range from 100-200$, and most hunters should afford this; if you can’t purchase our top-rated lifts today, we recommend you save up until you can because its recommended to have a large weight capacity and when you are are are are first to make a purchase you want it to last for a long time.

Last words

Deer hunting is a popular form of hunting, but it requires a few essential tools and a deer hoist is one of them. If you have ever caught a deer without a deer hoist, you know how tedious and hard it is to skin and gut the deer without lifting it with a lift.

A 150$ hoist can save you hours of frustration and work, making it a great investment for regular hunters.

You have a few great options in this list that do the job perfectly for a low cost. What you should decide before making the purchase is Budget, weight capacity, and design. After this, the decision is pretty straightforward; if not, I haven’t done my job correctly.

To summarise the article, our top choice for all hunters is the Rage Powersports because of its incredible weight capacity, ease of use, and durability. We found this outperforms all other products and designs, resulting in a great hoist for the money. But it is expensive, so we provided you with another option, the Guide gear.

The guide gear is the perfect option for those of you who are on a budget. It provides everything you need, from a sturdy design to a great weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Lastly, the Rage Powersports tripod. The tripod version is easy to transport and allows you to do the dirty work in the woods instead of being close to your car. With a tripod, you can set up the hoist anywhere you like, and it’s still easy to load the car with the deer afterward.

We found it durable, and the weight capacity is the same as you get from the hitch-mounted version.

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