How Much Does It Cost To Get A Bow Restrung

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It’s important for an archer’s safety and their shot accuracy to get a bow restrung every once in a while. The cost of getting a bow restrung depends on the style of the bow, the type of string material, and how many strings are broken or frayed so you know how many you need to change.

A lot of people are unaware of the importance of getting a bow restrung. Although they may look just fine, things are not always as they appear on the surface. Our bowstrings are constantly moving, getting pulled and released, hung up, put down, and may even be exposed to different temperatures. 

How to Know When to Restring?

An important factor that comes into play is the type of bow you have. Every bow needs to be restrung around every two or three years, though this may vary depending on how often they are shot. For instance, target bows are shot more often and should be restrung every year, however with hunting bows you can do it every two years. Needless to say, all bowstrings that show signs of breaking or fraying should be replaced immediately.

The 3 Factors that Determine Bow-Restringing Cost

How much does it cost to get your bow restrung? It is hard to answer that concisely. 

On average, it tends to cost between $50-$300 to get a compound bow restrung. However, the labor cost to get your bowstring professionally restrung can be as low as $20. (1)

Although these prices may seem relatively high, there’s a lot of work that goes into the process of bow restringing. We will break down some of the highest costs below.

Factors to consider include the archery store’s location, transportation costs, tools, and equipment.

1. Cost Per Service

How much is it to get a bow restrung? Well, the answer to that question depends significantly on the kind of service you choose. Whether it is your local archery store or a well-known archery chain, most shops will charge a fee for putting on the bowstring for you. That fee may go over $25. Of course, you can always get rid of said charge entirely by restringing the bow yourself.

It’s important to realize, you’ll need a lot of practice to restring your bow correctly. Hence, if you aren’t too confident about your abilities, we recommend finding a shop to do it for you.

2. Cost Per Brand

The type of brand you choose is one of the main factors influencing how much it costs to get a bow restrung. While some excellent brands are in the market, some of the cheapest may also be of lower quality. With this in mind, it is essential to research each brand before making any decision. It may be helpful to look up reviews and use them to determine which one suits you best.

3. Cost By Quality

Every bow string varies in quality, and custom string-makers charge differently for them. Usually, a set of cables and strings is around $50 to $100. You can generally customize their colors when you purchase a set, but it will probably impact how much it costs to get the bow restrung.

While the name of the brand and the price can reflect the product’s quality, this is not always the case. That is why it is crucial to test the string before using it on your bow.

What is the Market Price for a Bow String

Before learning how much it costs to get a bow restrung, a bowstring is the first item you’ll need to get. You can either make it yourself or hire a professional. It can cost anywhere from $70 to $250, depending on the exact bowstring you choose and how much the expert charges for the work. Since most archery specialty stores have all the necessary restringing equipment, the process tends to be quick and easy. When planning a budget, think about how often you’ll be shooting and the weight of the bowstring you’ll require. Plus, when selecting which compound bow to buy, keep in mind how your compound bow’s strings will be fitted. (2)

Can you Restring a Bow Yourself?

If you choose the “do it yourself” (DIY) route to have a bow restrung, you will need to follow these steps to do a proper bow restring.

1. Make Sure the Bow String Shows No Irregularities

If the previous chain has badly deteriorated, it may break when removed, causing significant damage. In that case, get the bow to a professional to restring it.

2. Pick and Wax a New Bow String

Check the manufacturer’s information or your bow’s packaging to see if the use of certain strings voids the warranty. Any string with lumps, fractures, or other abnormalities should be discarded since even a minor flaw might make the restringing procedure hazardous and ineffective. Before starting, apply bow wax to the string to make it easier to attach and use. Here’s a guide on how to wax a bow string.

3. Pick a Compound Bow Press for your Type of Bow

While it is possible to restring a compound bow by hand, investing in a bow press will ensure that maintenance work is done safely and correctly. It will also help secure the bow during restringing. You can choose between portable and fixed bow presses, depending on which one suits your needs best. If you choose a portable bow, you might spend around $50 or more. On the other hand, fixed bow presses can cost hundreds of dollars.

4. Place your Bow into the Press

A bow press can have restraining arms that lock over the bow, bolts that tighten your bow’s limbs in place, or a series of locks over the limbs and handgrips. Most bow presses need you to loosen the weight-adjustment bolts on each limb by five to seven turns before using them, but they can vary significantly beyond that requirement. Also, it is essential to loosen your compound bow by alternating limbs with each turn. That will avoid breaking your bow or causing an accident due to unequal pressure.

5. Identify How your Bow Needs its Bow String Fitted

It all depends on the type of attachment your bow has.  On the one hand, in bows with teardrop-shaped hitches, it is necessary to install any new rope while the old one is still connected. On the other hand, you can restring bows without these attachments, with no work needed.

6. Re-Tighten the Bow and Remove it Slowly from the Bow Press

Alternate from turning one to the other bolt to tighten them to their initial setting. Slowly remove the bow from the press, keeping an eye on the string to ensure it is correctly set in the grooves. Stop, secure the bow press again, and adjust the string if there’s any indication that it’s not correctly placed.

Recommended Frequency for Restringing the Bow

Whether you are only using your bow daily or for occasional target practice, performing annual or biannual service is essential. You can even ask your local archery store for service interval recommendations. The bow technician should be able to determine whether you need a restring immediately or not. Plus, it’ll put you at ease to know that your bow has been checked over and is in peak condition. Heading over to your local archery store is also a good idea if you have questions about bow maintenance, shooting, and places to practice.

We hope you now have a general idea of how much it costs to get a bow restrung and how to do it even at home. Restringing your bow is a critical issue regarding the accuracy of your shots and your safety, which is why everyone needs to have as much information as possible on the subject.

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