Is archery expensive? Cost Breakdown For All Equipment

In archery you need a lot of equipment and naturally that will cause you to ask yourself if its expensive. I will break down the costs for you in this article and show you how you can become a archer and save money at the same time.

Is archery expensive? Yes, archery can be expensive, but it can be cheap if you want it to be. The price point depends on the buyer and his needs.

Before deciding what equipment to buy you need to figure out if you have the passion to stay with it in the long term or you’re just going to test it out. Because when you buy your first equipment you have the option to either go cheap and buy a starter bow or buy an expensive, but good bow.

Is archery expensive

Go Cheap or Not?

The benefit of buying a cheap bow is that you can test out if archery is really something for you without spending to much money in the process. The downside is if you really enjoy archery and eventually you need to upgrade from the cheap version. Well now you have spent 200 Dollars already and that can be hard for someone.

The reason for buying an expensive bow would be better is that it would save you money in the long term. Instead of having to upgrade your bow after a few months you would already have a good bow that you could use for years.

The bow is not the only expense, let me breakdown all other costs including the bow too. But first let’s start off with what you actually need for archery.

What do you need for archery

Is archery expensive? Cost Breakdown For All Equipment 1

The Bow

This is the biggest decision you will make regarding your purchases. It’s important to get this one right. As I mentioned above your price point will depend on your passion and your drive. It’s important to be honest with yourself if you think you are doing archery for a long time.

When I started out I purchased a cheap bow and I don’t regret it today because I wasn’t really sure what to do and how it would be like to do archery.


Choosing your arrows has to match your desires. If you want to go bow hunting you need arrows for hunting, if you want to shoot at targets you need arrows suitable for that. Arrows comes in different matierials. The most common is aluminum, wood, carbon, fiberglass and composite arrows. I am not going to tell you about all the different arrows because there are only a few i actually recommend you to use.

  • fiberglass arrows are great if you want to go cheap. If you want to have some sort of course or where beginners are going to practice and where arrows can break easily. They are not the same quality and won’t perform as well as the other arrows I will mention, but that’s why they are great for starts who just want to test out archery.
  • Carbon is the favorite for many hunters. They are robust; they can come in custom sizes and are priced in the middle range. They are lightweight and fast.
  • Aluminum this is the perfect arrow for a beginner who wants to perform well, but at the same time not breaking his budget. They are straight and robust. And they come in a lot of different sizes and diameters. They are even competition worthy at certain distances. If you are starting, this is the one I suggest you go with if you are not thinking about going hunting in the near future. Because then a Carbon arrow would be a better investment.


Is archery expensive? Cost Breakdown For All Equipment 2

Now you are set with both a bow and arrow. Now you want something to shoot at. Shooting in your house wall wont be a good solution for long. So you need a target. This can be a hard one since there are so many options, but luckely I have field tested a dosen and found a few that is really great and can fit your budget.

I have choosen my two favorites the rino and the bone collector. I have choosen these two mainly out of two points. Durability, this is the most important one. You want a target that will last you for several years and stay in the shape you bought it. Secound is price point. We want to keep our prices low when we start out so I choose one option that is higher priced and one lower priced. So you can choose what you feel fits you.

The DIY. I nearly forgot to mention this. But making one yourself is a great option too. We have a article on that here ( Link to DIY targets) this is a article on making broad head targets, but the same principles and targets works for all purposes.

It can be a great idea to make yourself one if you are not sure if you are going to stick with archery in the long run. Making one yourself is cheaper, but it will take a bit of a time. So prepare for that, but otherwise it works great.

The Bone Collector 400 F.P.S

The Bone Collector is a great target for anyone starting out. You have the option on amazon to buy the size and layers you prefer. Its a great target with different target variations. Giving you the option to play games or practising for your next compeition or hunt.

Its well made made and design to make it easy for you to pull out your arrows. Preventing the material to be ripped out or damaged. This can happen to a lot of cheaper targets and the target wont last very long.

Check out the price on Amazon Here (Link To Amazon)

Rinehart Rhinoblock

The Rinehart Rhine block is also a great choice when it comes to targets. Its one of the most populare targets out there and its for a reason. Both targets I have mentioned is great for practising outside, they can tolereate heavy wheater conditions. Just wanted to mention that.

It comes with a 3D range target option, where you can practise for your 3D archery competition if thats something you are interested in. If you havent looked in to 3D archery yet, I suggest you to do so. Its really a fun thing to do and you can meet a lot of awesome people.

Lets contiune on to the nocking point.

Link To amazon here

Nocking point

Practising archery is fun, but even more fun when you can make the shots you want. To do so you need to adjust and learn how and where to shoot. The nocking point will help you to do so by helping you place the arrow at the same position every time you shoot.

This can help you improve in archery faster. This is a must have. Dont worry its not expensive and can be free if you do it yourself. Here is a link to a website that will show you how to tie your nocking point for your bow (Link to tie nocking point).

Bow Stringer

Stringing your bow can be hard and dangerous for you and your bow. To string your bow you need to bend your limbs to make the bow bend, making it possible to string it. In this process you can damage the limbs by either pushing them on the ground and other ways.

Thats why I suggest you to buy one. Because the price of a stringer is dirt cheap in comparission of ruining your limbs. I will link to my own bow stringer here ( Link to amazon ) 

To maintain your bow and make it last for a long time you want to unstring your bow. It depends on which material the bow is off, but I am not going in-depth about that. If you want too read on it we have an article her

Additional Archery Equipment, Not Must-Haves

Is archery expensive? Cost Breakdown For All Equipment 3

Arm Guard

Shooting archery can hurt. Excpecially when the bow string hit your for arm. Thats what the Arm guard is for. To protect your forarm. This is not something you must have, but can be a good thing if you are scared of hitting yourself.

Its not dangerous to hit yourself with the string, but it can hurt. If you are not sure if you want to purchase one or not. Buy the bow, arrow and target first then test out if you think a arm guard is needed or not.

Here is the “classic” arm guard. Its great and at a very good price compared the quality it offers. 

Is archery expensive? Cost Breakdown For All Equipment 4

Should you use Glove or Finger Tabs and what is it for

I was debating on this, if it should be in the must have section or not. Let me explain why. Glove and finger tabs is protection for your fingers and hands. If you are going to shoot a lot having protection is very important!. 

If you shoot for a long time (years) without finger protection you can get damage on your nervs. This can be really painful and can hinder you from doing certain everyday activites. I use gloves persnoally because they are a litle thicker than tabs and I just like them. I have a article here if you cant decide on what to buy. 

(Link to gloves on amazon) These are gloves I personally use and I find them to be great, just make sure to order the right size and you will be good.

What is a Arrow Rest and do you need it?

Arrow rest is a must have if you buy a compound bow, but if you have a recurve like I sugest you to buy, then its not neccairy. Atleast in the start.

A arrow rest is for “holding” your arrow. If you dont have one you will find yourself placing it on top of your holding hand, which works. If your bow has a arrow rest included, well then you are set.

What Is String Wax And Do you Need It?

After using your bow for a while you will start seeing thread on your string. You need to fix this! You wont have to worry about this in the very start, but its something you will need in the near future, the string wax.

When you use your bow your string will start to be worn out, thats when you should use the string wax. Using the string wax is simple, just put some of it on your thumb and pointing finger and rub it on your string. Rub it back and forth untill your fingers start to heat up. Thats because you need some heat source to make the wax stick on the right way.

The string wax is also cheap, you can check it out here (link to amazon string wax) This is not the one I have personally, but I have heard some good things about it. And most string waxes will work perfectly.

Is archery expensive? Cost Breakdown For All Equipment 5

Optional Gear

Do You Need A Sight For Archery

After shooting a while without a sight and your accuracy have improved a lot, you want to concider a sight. A sight can make it easier for you to shoot more accurate. This is not something you need, you can shoot very well without it.

What is a String Whisker Silencers and Do You Need It?

Silencer has the same function as the name, it silences the string. This is not something you will need when you are practising in your backyard, but if you are going to hunt its something that can really benefit you.

Quiver, Do you need it?

A quiver is also a luxuary item in my eyes. Its great to have if you can afford it, but you can start shooting archery well without it. A quiver is a bag you strap on your back to carry your arrows in a more practical way. It also makes the time picking up arrows and shooting them faster. It will save you time and discomfort, but it is also an extra cost.


The reason I wrote this article is because there are a lot of beginners asking if its expensive to start practising archery and the answer is no. The price I resulted with was 360 USD and this can be a lot for some people, but in my calculation I used HIGH quality equipement which you can use for years or your lifetime.

Can be cheaper – If you want to go cheap you can probably purchase equipment under 100 USD, but it won’t last you for that long. Maybe the equipment will, but your skill will increase and the equipment won’t match your skill anymore, therefore you have to buy a new bow.

I hope you found this guide helpfull, please leave a comment if there is anything you want me to change or you found this guide helpfull. It means a lot, thanks for reading and have a awesome day with a lot archery shooting!

How much should you spend On Archery

So here is what you actually need and how much it would cost you.

Nocking PointFreeNo Link
Total to start!166$Not much right?
Target if you want200$LINK TARGET
Total with Target366 


Related Questions

How do I increase my archery strength? To increase your archery strenght you need to focus your workouts to muscles essential for archery. This is the abs, back, biceps, triceps and chest. Do 8-12 reps and 3-4 sets targeting these muscle groups and your archery strenght will increase.

What is the cost of archery? To buy everything essential in archery the cost is 380 USD. The price will depend on the quality and the equipment you are looking for, but a lot of people overestimating the amount of money needed to start practising archery.

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