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Our #1 Rated

Wildlife Scent Killer

Scent Killer 1259 Wildlife Research Gold 24/24 Combo,...
We found the Wildlife scent killer to be the best. The spray lasts for a long time, it's easy to use and comes at a good price.
Our #1 Rated

Wildlife Scent Killer

We found the Wildlife scent killer to be the best. The spray lasts for a long time, it's easy to use and comes at a good price.

Boneview Ozone

Best Electrnoic Scent Killer

No products found.
If you are looking for a techy solution, the Ozone got you covered. Removes your scent in an efficient and clean way.

Boneview Ozone

Best Electrnoic Scent Killer

If you are looking for a techy solution, the Ozone got you covered. Removes your scent in an efficient and clean way.


Best Soap Version

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Use the bar of soap before you head out to hunt to obtain optimal scent control.


Best Soap Version

Use the bar of soap before you head out to hunt to obtain optimal scent control.

It dosent matter how camouflaged you are if the deer can smell. Having a scent killer in your arsenal can be the perfect way to ensure that you will have a successful hunt without getting spotted or smelled by the deer.

Dont be offended, but you smell. We all do and it’s one of the most common reasons that inexperienced hunters fail. If you are not continuously removing your smell from your clothes any attentive deer or other animals will pick it up from miles away.

We have tested a variety of scent killers from different brands and in different price ranges. Some didnt work at all, but 5 scent killers these are the once we found to work remarkably.

Our verdict: We Found a combination of Wildlife scent killers to give the optimal effect. These include: Scent pray, odor blocker soap bar, and deodorant.

Best 5 Scent killer Reviewed and Rated

1. Wildlife Scent Killer Gold Spray

Scent Killer 1259 Wildlife Research Gold 24/24 Combo,...
  • Convenient 24 oz field bottle plus 24 oz Easy Grip Re-filler...
  • Works both we and dry (Hunt Dry Technology)
  • Scientifically formulated to last longer

The Wildlife Scent killer is at good as it gets when it comes to aerosol scent blocker. We found this to be the best one out of many we tested and it’s now the scent killer we use here at archerypower.

The Gold spray block 99% of odor and lasts for 10-20 days after its dried! which is far more than we expected. We found the spray to work and hold both in dry and wet conditions. It seems like Wildlife has truly cracked the code when it comes to scent killers.

Its easy to apply and use, spray your clothes and other necessary gear than just wait for a few minutes to let it try. We found the spray to work both on clothes, decoys, quivers you name it, this scent killer stuck like glue and worked like charm.

There is really no downside of this grill, at least not as we or our testers could find. It works seamlessly and lasts a long time. In addition to this, wildlife is a popular and trusted brand that is known for its quality products and clever solutions.

Scent killer spray comes at a low price and keeping in mind that this spray will last you for months- if not years the spray is a steal for this price.

Edit: We have now used this spray for a few months and its been working like a charm. Highly recommended. We recommend combining it with scent killers soap bar to ensure that you won’t be smelled, however, it is not a necessity.


  • Easy to use and apply
  • Lasts for 10-20 days and block 99% of odors
  • Work in both wet and dry conditions


  • None.


2. Boneview Ozone Generator – Electronic scent eliminator

No products found.

The Boneview works in a different manner compared to the scent killer. The boneview ozone is one push-button system that eliminates odor-causing bacteria found in smoke, oils and human sweat, etc.

The Boneview can be placed in your jacket, bag or other places close by. It has a simple design and is easy to use. Its custom made for hunters ensuring that you won’t get smelled by any animal close by.

It works great, but the downside of the ozone is that it’s dangerous for the lungs. If you breath a lot of ozone it can be damaging to you which is why you should wrap it in your clothes or only store it in your bag.

In addition to this, you won’t get the coverage as a scent spray. A scented spray will cover a larger area and will last for a longer period.

We dont recommend using the Boneview as your primary scent blocker, but having it in the bag as a scent killer for all your equipment and backup clothes in it is a great way of using the Boneview ozone.


3. Wildlife Scent Killer Bar Soap

No products found.

The scent killer bar soap is made of the same ingredients and formula as you would find in our #1 scent killer, but its applied in a different manner.

Instead of spraying your clothes with the scent killer the bar soap is used in the shower to clean yourself with.

The soap will remove your body scent for a day or two ensuring that you won’t get smelled. However the soap version decreased inefficiency when we started moving around and sweating which makes sense, but it is a downside.

If you were to use the soap, make sure you to keep it away from your eyes since it can really hurt.

We found it to be working best in combination with the scent killer spray or deodorant. The soap itself isn’t enough to keep the odor away, but in a combination with the other methods I have mentioned it results in the perfect scent killer package.


4. Scent Blocker SB 

SCENTBLOCKER Scent Blocker SB Laundry Detergent with...
  • Engineered specifically to deep clean Trinity particle pores...
  • Cleans and deodorizes clothing
  • Biodegradable no UV brighteners or phosphorus

Still, if the Scent killer is our favorite spray we wanted to give you another excellent option if you were to have any dislike for our other choice.

The Scent Blocker SB were one of the sprays that performed exceptionally well. It had a long last and did well in both our cold, hot, dry and wet test.

It seemed to remove all the odor, at least no dear or animal seem to notice our smell which is the most important part.

Featured with a yellow spray color that makes it easy to differentiate between the detergent on ou have on the shelf and the sent killer. We found it to provide a deep clean removing all unpleasant smells and odors.

Overall it’s a spray that does its job and comes at a great price. There is nothing bad to say about the spray and it can easily compete up against the killer spray, which one you choose is totally up to you.


  • Eliminates all odor
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Easy to apply
  • Yellow color that is easy to differentiate


  • None


5. Scent killer gold deodorant

yet another product from scent killer. They have an excellent formula that we have proven to work so why stop there?

The deodorant uses the same materials and formula as the others, just another way to apply it. This is designed to use under the arms to prevent the odor from sweat to come out.

It found it to be working optimally for 48 hours, but the effect decreases over time so we would recommend you apply it in the morning before each hunt.

If you have the budget and time we recommend you to combine it with their soap bar and spray. The deodorant in itself isn’t enough to remove the odor from your clothes and body which is why we recommend making use of the whole package.

When applying the deodorant we recommend you to do it carefully since we have found the stick to be fragile and break often if you use to much power.


  • Great for blocking odor under your arms
  • Easy to apply


  • Dosent last long
  • Stick is fragile and breaks easily
  • Needs to be used in combination with other scent killers


Things to look for when purchasing a scent blocker

When you are looking to purchase a scent blocker there are a few features and point you should look out for in order to get a functional scent blocker.

In this article, we have just tested and included a limited amount products that we found to be working best for our use and that is hunting deer and bear. But there is a variety of scent blockers out there designed for different types of hunting styles and animals so this should be something to research.

Now let’s take a look at other things you should keep in mind.

Type of scent killer

There is a variety of different scent blockers on the market ranging from sprays, deodorants and ozone boxes. A lot of hunters get confused about which one they should use which is completely understandable. So lets put things straight and show you what you actually need to purchase to become “scent-free”


Our #1 recommendation is using a scent killer spray. We have found this to be the best way of eliminating scent since you can apply to any gear or clothing that you bring on your hunt.

its the easiest to use, cheapest and lasts for the longest amount of time. There is no doubt it the best way of applying a scent blocker, but there are certain situations where other methods thrive.

Combining several scent blockers

If could only choose one we would choose the spray, but if we could choose several methods that’s what we would do.

Combining a variety of scent blockers will give you the best scent blocking possible. We usually combine scent killers’ total package which includes a deodorant, soap bar, and spray. This is what we use on all of our hunts and it works perfectly.

Ozone Emitters

Ozone emitters are one of the most popular types of scent blockers and many people resonate this with hunting. The Ozone eliminates the odor and smells around it resulting in a great gadget who wants to hide their smell.

There are a variety of ways to use the Ozone, we found it to be great for sticking in the bag before a hunt since this would eliminate all the bacteria and smells of your clothes and hunting equipment.

The Ozone emitters are a easy solution, but not the best. If you move around and start sweating your scent will eventually come present again and the Ozone isn’t released all too often, just a couple of times during the day.

A cool and modern way of removing the scent while you hunt, but not our recommended way of doing so.

Deodorants and soaps

These are more traditional methods of killing odors. It’s a simple and easy way of applying the scent killer and we found it do be one of the best way of doing so in both performance and efficiency.

How do odor blockers work

There is a variety of different odor blockers and how they work depends on which type and product you use.

Some odor blockers completely remove the bacteria that form the smell and others mask the smell with other scents. We have found a few formulas even remove the scent before it occurs.

Still if odor blockers work it’s hard to stay 100% free especially in a hunting situation where you always move and sweat. It’s close to impossible staying scent-free, but if you are a hunter a scent blocker is a must to at least prevent most of the odor you release.

Do scent blockers work at all? -Yes

Yes scent blockers work, but how good they work is a better question. If you choose one of our recommended scent blockers you can be sure that they will remove your scent for a while, but there are other external factors that can affect how good they work.

This could be everything from temperature, wind, body odor, how far you walk and where you hunt. It’s hard to completely remove all the scent of your body, but if you use a scent blocker you can be sure that you at least did you best in removing the scent.

How we use the scent killers.

There is a variety of scent killers in different forms and shapes making it confusing for you as a hunter to know what to use and where to use it. So to make things clear we wanted to break our process down for you, feel free to copy, but I want to say that this strict process is not necassary for most users. However, it’s one we prefer to do each and every time.

What scent killer do we use? :

  • Scent killer spray
  • Scent killer deodorant
  • Scent killer soap

Here are a few things we use it for:


The first thing we do in the morning is to prepare our clothes, we usually have two pairs of clothes. I am going to go more into detail on why we do this.

We spray all the clothes with the scent killer and put them in each our hunting bag which is sprayed with the scent killer spray as well, yes everything is sprayed.

In the hunting bag, we also have our archery equipment such as our bolts etc.

When we have packed our bags the next step is the shower before we head out.


When we have everything packed and ready the last step we do is to take a shower with the scent killer soap, this helps to remove our body odor as long as possible.


After the shower applies the deoderant under your arms, this will help to remove the sweat odor while you walk to your hunting destination.

Walking to the Tree stand

I have a strict routine on how I do things towards my tree stand. As you know we have our packed bag with all the hunting gear, and when we walk to the tree stand we wear walking clothes. This is a set of clothes we use only when walking towards the tree stand or back, why you ask? Because we dont want to sweat in our hunting clothes.

After this we are good to go and ready to have an amazing hunt.

Do Scent eliminators work for deer hunting?

Yes! The scent killers we have listed above works perfectly for der hunting and can be used for a variety of hunting types such as bear, hog, and cayote.

As you know the deer’s best sense is the smell which allows it to detect hunters and predators. Which why it’s so important to use a scent blocker if you are hunting deer. If the deer smells you, and it will if you dont use a scent blocker, it will stay far away.

If you are hunting with a bow its close to impossible shooting at a long distance, so if you are an archer take good use of a scent killer, I suggest you use our strict process for optimal results.

Last words

There is a variety of different scent blockers, but our final verdict was the Wildlife research scent killer gold. The spray showed the best results both in how long it lasted and how well it removed the odor.

But if you have the budget and time to make use of all the scent killer products this is the optimal way of staying scent-free and hidden from any kind of animal while you hunt

Frequently asked questions

How do you keep hunting clothes from smelling?

Do keep your hunting clothes from smelling put them in a scent free bag. If you dont have a scent free bag you can store the clothes in a container or plastic bag just make sure to spray it with a scent blocker spray before you do so.

How do you wash scent blocker clothes?

We recommend you to only wash your scent blocker clothes if they are extremely dirty. If you were to wash them make sure to use a gentle washing programin in combination with cold water and non-scented carbon wash.

Who makes scent blocker?

Robinson outdoor is the manufacturer and brand behind the scent blocker. A company started in 1997 and is now known for their ScentBlocker, a carbon-based scent eliminator.

How can I know if a scent blocker works before I buy it?

To make sure that the scent blocker is working before you buy it is possible by looking at reviews and ratings on the internet. Read on different forums and comments on big websites such as Amazon where you can be sure the comments and reviews are real.

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