The 7 Best Tree Stand Bow Holders in 2023

In this article, you will find a short life of the best tree stand bow holder on the market. We have reviewed and tested making it easy for you to pick the best

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Tree Stand Bow Holders

A tree stands bow holder allows you to put your bow aside while you wait for a deer to come along. Bow holders are designed to make the waiting time both more comfortable and easy for you as a hunter. Most stands today are sold for less than $35 making the decision a no brainer.

To be honest there is not a whole lot of high-quality bow holders available on the market. All the products we tested had their flaws, but in our list, you can find the once that performed the best and those we found to be worth the investment.

Best Tree Stand Bow Holder Reviewed and Rated

1. HME Products

HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder Olive,...
HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder Olive,...
  • Attaches to virtually any ladder or climber treestand
  • No tools required and hunter can mount bow holder in seconds
  • Four points of contact for rock solid attachment

The HME is built to fit all types of tree stands which is why it’s our top pick for any hunter. The holder uses a simple slide and lock system. Its both easy and quick to use and should take you a maximum of a few seconds to install it to your tree stand.

The most asked question we get on this topic is “Does this holder fits this treestand and this bow?”. With the HME there is no reason to ask this question since it literally fits any treestand and bow  (crossbows, compound bows, recurve bows.. you name it.)

As you can see from the picture the holder is coated with a layer of rubber. This prevents any unwanted sounds to occur and prevent the holder from making scratches onto your bow. A four-point attachment system ensured that your bow will be safely installed preventing both the bow holder and your bow from falling.

We found the bow holder to be durable and longlasting, but there are a few smaller parts that can disappear.

Overall it’s a great bow holder that suits most tree stands and it costs close to nothing.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Works with all bows and tree stands
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Rubber coated preventing metal to metal contact
  • Rotates 360 degreed


  • Several small parts

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2. Summit Treestands

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder, Black
Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder, Black
  • Metal bow holder with rubber coating that aids in grip and...
  • Fits most Summit treestands and other commercially available...

One of our favorite bow holders is the summit tree stand. It has easy functionality that we found to be quick and do the job perfectly. Unscrew the bolt from the holder, put it close to your tree stand and screw the bolt back in. Within seconds you have a fully functional bow holder.

The entire bow holder is coated with a layer of rubber, this prevents any unnecessary noise from occurring and helps to avoid any metal to metal contact on your bow that can lead to scratches.

We have a wide range of different treestands here at archerypower and the Summit holder fitted perfectly to most of models and sizes. In addition to this its the cheapest bow holder on our list, still, we found it to be one of the best.

The summit bow holder is not featured with expensive featured or designs, but it does the job perfectly in a quick and budget-friendly manner.

But as we mentioned earlier none of the holders on the market is perfect. We found the threads to be of low quality resulting in a short time span if you dont treat it properly. In addition to this, the holder won’t fit on thicker treestand models.


  • Cheap
  • Works with all tree stands
  • Easy to setup
  • Coated with rubber


  • Low quality threads

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3. Bow Buddy Bow Hanger

My Bow Buddy Regular Hang-On Buddy Tree Stand Bow...
My Bow Buddy Regular Hang-On Buddy Tree Stand Bow...
  • FOR COMPOUND AND CROSSBOWS: This treestand bow holder is...
  • DURABLE BOW STAND FOR HUNTING: Our tree stand bow hanger is...

The bow buddy is another great option that is durable and has a tight fit making the bow stay still and quiet. It’s built with solid stainless steel that prevents rust and ensures that your bow holder will last for a long time. To attach it simply untighten the screw and attach it to the bottom of your treestand. This process takes less than 30 seconds.

Its design allows you to grab the bow without having to lean forward. This can be a deal-breaker when a dear comes strolling across the field and you want to reach your bow quickly.

When you hold the bow holder in your hand you can feel that its of high quality. Its a noticeable difference between the Bow buddy and other cheaper holders on the market. The holder is coated in a layer of rubber preventing metal to metal contact.

Overall we found this bow holder to do the job perfectly and we had no doubt that this is a holder that will last you for a long time. The only downside with this bow holder is that it won’t fit all types of bows because of its functionality and design.


  • Stainless steel
  • Screw-on mount that fits most treestands
  • Rubber coated
  • Best suited for compound and crossbows


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4. Bow Holder for Tree Stand

Bow Holder for Tree Stand, Hunting, Archery,...
Bow Holder for Tree Stand, Hunting, Archery,...
  • Quickly and securely clamps onto all ¾ and 1 inch square...
  • 360 degree rotation that locks securely every 5 degrees
  • Rubber boot ensures ultra-quiet action

This bow holder offers a versatile solution with clever engineering and robust materials. The design allows you to attach the holder to both sides of the treestand with an easy to use bolt mounting system. On amazon, you get several options: Drill version. aforementioned clamp and round-tube tree stands to make it a good fit for most tree stands out there.

Our favorite thing about this holder is that it rotated 360-degrees. This way you can adjust the angle to your liking and sitting position making it quick and easy to reach your bow when its hunting-time.

As all other bow holders on this list, the metal parts are coated with rubber preventing your bow from getting scratched and making unnecessary noises.

Its construction of resin makes it less durable than a bow holder built of metal. In addition to this, we found the square tubed attachment to be a bit flimsy compared to our top picks on this list.

Besides this, the bow holder does a great job and I am sure you will be pleased with your purchase if you decide to purchase this bow holder, but if you have the option to purchase either the Summit or HME I would recommend you do so.

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5. Third Hand

Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest
Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest
  • Universal tree stand bow holder fits all stands and...
  • The universal bow holder also holds crossbows
  • The Third Hand Tree Stand Bow Holder can be easily mounted...

The Third hand is a simple design that we had recommended to us by a few hunters. It’s a budget-friendly solution that fits most bots with its S-shaped holding arm. It’s different compared to other models on this list since the Third Hand requires a longer installation with drills and screws.

After installation, the bow holder does the job perfectly and by installing it outside of your treestand you get a full range of motion. There are no moving parts after installation making it a reliable and robust bow holder that should last you for several years.

Besides that, it takes longer to set up there aren’t really any big downsides to this bow holder. It has a simple, but robust construction making it a longlasting bow holder that will serve you well for several years.


  • Sturdy and reliable bow holder
  • Rubber coated
  • Provides a full range of motion to the hunter
  • Can be mounted on the outside of the treestand


  • Requires a longer installation process
  • The bow holder can get attached to objects and clothing while you climb the treestand.

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Things to look for when looking for the best Tree Stand Bow Holder

Now that we have checked out the best tree stand bow holders on the market lets take a look at what makes them so good and what you should look at if you were to look for a holder yourself.

Mounting: Which one should you look for?

The first thing is mounting. Its the single most important thing that makes or breaks a bow holder. You need to ensure that its of high quality, but that it suits your bow as well. There is a variety of types and not all fit all the bows. In addition to this the mounting need to fit your treestand. The Mounting ranges from screws, brackets to clamps. Which type you should choose depends on the type of treestand you currently own.

When you are looking for a mounting you should choose those who have a small number of moving parts. A smaller amount of parts means fewer parts that can be destroyed or lost.

What material should it be made of?

What material the bow holder is built out of will heavily affect its durability and longevity. We recommend you to purchase bow holders either made of stainless steel or other sturdy materials. Materials such as plastic and resin tend to break a lot quicker although they are cheaper.

If you get a metal bow holder you need to ensure that it’s rubber-coated. If you get metal against metal the bow can get scratched and it will make a lot of noise that can potentially scare the deer.

Attachment: Should be quick and easy

Most of you who read this are hunters. For us, it’s important that the equipment is both silent and easy to setup. When you are installing the treestand and bow holder it should take a maximum of a few seconds to get fully set up. If you have a complex bow holder that requires screws and tools you can potentially scare the deer which is far from ideal.

Stable and sturdy

It’s important that the bow holder keeps your bow stable still in heavy wind. If you bow wobbles around it can make a lot of sounds that could scare your target. To prevent this from happening you should get a holder that fits tightly to your bow and equipment if it dosent fit-out of the box you can always wrap more rubber around the holder ensuring that it fits perfectly for your bow.

Why should you use a tree stand bow holder?

Yes, you can hold the bow while you sit in the treestand you can even rest it against the tree, but it’s not ideal and you will find yourself either dropping the bow or getting tired of holding after a few hours. With an investment of under $50, you have the luxury of resting your hands or checking your phone while you are hunting.

With a bow holder, you have a reliable and safe spot to keep your bow without it wobbling around and making any noise. In the beginning of my carrier I used to rest my compound bow on the tree stem while keeping my foot on the other end, it worked great until the day I dropped it to the ground and broke the that point I wish I had invested $50 in a holder instead of purchasing a new limb.

The option to rest your arms and do other stuff while sitting in the tree stand is for sure worth the investment.

How to attach a tree stand bow holder

Most bow holders are easy to attach. However, there are a variety of different types and a few can be difficult to install. Most of the products on this list have simple attachment systems that should not take you more than a couple of minutes to learn and install.

If you find yourself not capable of installing the bow holder you need to check if it’s capable of your treestand, remember not all holders fit all treestands. It’s better to ask for a return than breaking the bow holder by forcing it to fit.

For most products, you should just untighten the attachment bolt, place the holder in your desired position and tighten the screw. Yes its really that simple and it should be. We advise against any models with complex installation methods since this can cause noise and take up your precious hunting time.

Last words

Let’s wrap up this article of the best tree stand bow holder. Through this article we have reviewed and rated numerous tree stand bow holders, I hope you found this helpful and that you saved yourself some time and trouble by reading this article instead of taking the pursuit of finding one entirely on your own.

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