Best Tripod Deer Stand

Tripod Deer Stand

Having a tripod deer stand for deer hunting is a luxurious experience every hunter should experience. When you have a tripod in your arsenal you get the benefit of having a tree stand anywhere you go and the best part is that they are quick and easy to setup.

We have had the pleasure of testing a variety of tripod stands this year and through this article, we will share our insights and recommendations in the hope to help you to find the Best tripod deer stand.

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Best Tripod Deer Stand Reviewed and Rated

1. Millennium Treestands – Best Overall

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If you are looking for a tree stand for a single person our top recommendation is the Millenium T100. It’s 10 feet tall and built with a full aluminum construction making it one of the lightest tripods-stands on the market.

All the legs are equipped with a non-slip and non-sink design making it possible to set-up the tripod close to anywhere. One of the tripod legs is adjustable allowing you to adjust the angle of your tripod to your liking and set up the tripod in uneven terrain.

The top has a simple design with one seat attached equipped straps on each side for safety purposes. Its simple design allows you to seamlessly spin 360 degrees without any disturbing elements blocking your view or movement.

With its low weight of 36 pounds and collapsible design it’s easy to set up, but most importantly easy to carry.

The Treestand T100 is on the expensive side, but it’s worth every penny. We found the tripod stand to be one of the sturdiest on the market and with a capacity of 300 pounds we were more than pleased.

Our favorite feature was its lightweight and seamless setup. Highly recommended


  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Portable
  • 360-degree swivel chair without any disturbing elements
  • Aluminum frame with black coating
  • 300-pound capacity


  • Expensive


2. Guide Gear 2-Man – Best for two people

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Guide Gear 2 is a great duo tripod stand featured with two comfortable seats and a four-sided shooting rail that works great for protection and providing support for gun shooters. With the guide gear 2, you have the option to bring your husband, wife or a close friend along with you on your adventurous hunts.

In terms of construction, the body and legs are made of steel resulting in a durable and longlasting tripod stand. Each leg is equipped with footpads preventing the stand from either sliding or sinking into the ground.

We found the tripod to be sturdy, durable and very comfortable to sit in. There is no reason not to enjoy your hunting experience when you have a sofa like a hunting spot where you can enjoy both the nice view and a hot cup of cacao.

Other customers seem to enjoy the product as well. Few reports that the blind cover than can be purchased on the side can leak and is hard to setup. If you want a roof over the tripod stand we recommend you purchase it from another vendor on amazon.

In addition to this, we found the parts to be hard to assemble, at least the first time straight from the box. But we were pleased with the end resulting and still if it has its flaws we found this to be the best 2 man tripod stand offering the best quality for the price.


3. Guide Gear “12

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If you have a tight budget the guide gear 12″ is a great option. its more affordable than the Millenium T100, but still provides a durable design with the necessary features. As the name stats the tripod is 12 feet high and have a capacity of 300 lbs which should be more than enough for the avarage hunter.

Same as the T100 the Guide gear “12 comes with a 360-degree swivel chair with a padded backrest and armrest which we found to very comfortable.

In front of the chair set up is an optional shooting rail that makes it easier to make a sturdy and accurate shot.

Because of the hight and durable materials, the Guide gear weighs a whopping 66 lbs making it hard to carry around. If you want a portable version you should check out the T100, but the Guide gear is a great choice for those of you who want a cheaper stand that still provides sufficient weight limit and is built of high-quality materials.


4. Sniper Sentinel 13

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Coming in at the last spot is the Sniper sentinel. it’s robust, fairly light and equipped with handy features such as a flip out shooting rail and a 360-degree swivel chair. Its fairly similar to the guide gear in terms of features, price, weight, and design.

Because of its sturdy legs and quality materials, the sniper sentinel can handle 300 pounds and a fair amount of beating. Still if its robust the tripod only weighs about 66 lbs making it fairly easy to carry and move around although it’s not the lightest on this list.

The chair has a padded back with a comfortable armrest on each side. Below the chair is a circular food rest to put your feet or coffee cup on. It dosent provide a large room or space, but in return, you get a solid and tall tower at a low weight.

We found the tripod to be quick and easy to set up and take down. The first time setting it up will probably take you a while, but you will get the hang of it and it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes after a while.

Comparing the T100 and the Sniper Sentinel you will find that the Sentinel lacks adjustable feet and is a bit heavier. But if you want the additional height and a flip out shooting rail the Sniper Sentinel “13 is our top choice.


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Tripod Deer Stand

Now let’s see what you should look for if you were to purchase a tripod deer stand on your own. All the tripod deer stands on our list has been through strict testing and customer analyses, but if you disliked all the products on this list this is what you should do to ensure that you get a high-quality product worth your money.


The first thing you should look for when looking to purchase a tripod deer stand is portability. Most of us will carry the stand towards our hunting destination which is why it’s important to have a light stand if you are going to walk a long distance.

In addition to a lightweight you should ensure that the stand is quick and easy to set up that way you won’t spend most of your evening frustrated at screws and parts, but enjoying your hunting trip instead.

Bowhunting ability

Most of us here at archerypower are bow hunters and therefore the ability to use a bow in the deer stand is absolutely vital.

We found models with shooting rails to limit the ability to draw the bow to maximum power which is why we love the Millenium treestand currently on the first spot on this list.

Shooting from a tripod stand with a bow can be a weird feeling at first compared to a tree stand, but I am sure you will adapt after time and practice. Getting the bow up the latter can be a tedious process as well.

Bow or gun rest

Hunting can lead to hours of sitting and scouting and holding your bow for all these hours can be tiring. If you know you will spend long hours in the deer stand tripod we recommend you to look for a stand with a gun or bow rest. This will allow you to set down your bow allowing you to rest while you wait for a deer to reveal itself.

Seat functions and comfort

A comfortable seat with a swivel function is a necessity if you are going to spend hours in the stand.

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