7 Bow Hunting Deer Tips From The Pros

This article is going to give you a few bow hunting deer tips. Deers are always looking around and prepared to be attacked. So to hunt a deer you need a lot of preparation. I am going to outline all of them and tell you what you need to know.

Make sure to choose the right camo for bow hunting deer

Using the right camo is very important for your stealth. Choose the right color combinations for your terrain. If you have a hat or something where you can attach leaves or things you find in your hunting terrain is great, just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to sound like a walking bush when approaching the deer either.

This is why we love full cover camo clothes

Deer hunting tips for beginner and advanced hunters. This photo is of a deer that is taken by a hunter.

If you have full cover camo clothes then great. The only thing you need to do then is cover up your face with camo that fits your area. If you use glasses to make sure there are no reflection or obvious tells that will show from a mile away in the terrain.

when you buy your camo make sure it fits for your terrain. Don’t buy the one that looks awesome and not because it is suiting for where you are going to hunt. Sand colored camo won’t help you much in the woods. I agree it would be awesome, but sadly it won’t work as well.

Use the terrain to your advantage when approaching the deer. Doing so will give you a great edge of the deer and will help you a lot in your stalk. It will help you to get closer and get a cleaner shot without getting noticed.

A picture of a norwegian hunting deer. She is a author and have given out several great tips for deer hunting in her projects, so we thought it was suiting for this article

These are the clothes you should wear wile bow hunting deer

Wear fewer clothes than you would if you were hunting from a stand. It can get hot when you are walking and stalking the deer. You won’t be walking that far, but when the adrenaline increases so do your body temperature and heart rate. I am not concerned about your well being. That is up to you, but the deer can smell it. And everything that can make the deer notice you is bad.

How to track the deer

Tracking the deer is important. Learning to see where they have walked and been is crucial. This is something I want you to just take notice off and remember. It takes time to recognize their marks and footprints, but when you learn it, it will change your game.

Same with sounds. Deers are a lot more vocal than a lot of us think. They communicate through sounds, and this is important to pick up on. It can give you a sign of where they are. Wich can help you to choose direction and area. Here is a great guide on deer sounds that you can listen to and familiarise yourself with before your next hunt.

Using hight to your advantage to see more and track down the deer

Getting a good view over the terrain can give you a good insight and overlook over the landscape you are hunting in. Getting this overview makes it possible for you to lay a game plan for you attack. Having a pair of good binoculars and patience is important in this game, because it can take a while.

The moment you see a deer and a potential area where you want to hunt, making the plan is key. You need to consider what the best way of taking down your target is. Find the best path and approach to not be seen, heard or noticed by the deer before the shot is made. Still If your plan is an excellent one, something can always change. So be prepared for something new or something you haven’t planned on to happen. So you are ready to make adjustments to succeed.

I can not give you a game plan because the place you hunt will be very different from mine. We have a spot where we know there is a lot of deer and where they come from makes the process a lot easier for us. We are able to do so because of experience and this is something you will know soon to.

The wind – What Wind Direction You Should Have

Keeping the wind in your face is a very important factor as well. This is something that is easy to forget for a beginner and make you start wondering why your arrows are flying left to right. The wind is a thing to always remember still if the wind is not that heavy. Make it a habit and you will thank yourself later.

Conditions – Finding The Right Coniditons For Bow Hunting

The deer is a sharp and observant animal. They can smell you and they can hear you, that why the conditions you are hunting in has a lot to say. Hunting when there is snowing, rain and wind will help you from the deers senses. Hunting on a sunny day with no wind can be nice, but not optimal if you want to bring home a deer.

The bow – Using The Correct Bow For Deer Hunting

You need to have a bow fitted adequately for you. When buying a bow either online or in your local store make sure the draw length fits your strength level.

You can have a pro shop or adjust it you’re self, but this should be done properly and is important so you can hold it for a long time without getting tired. You want to have a bow that is fun shooting with and you feel conferrable with.

Beginner tips for bow hunting

Two guys hunting. Showing a few ways and improvements that can be done to get a better and successfull while hunting deers in the woods.

When you are starting out your bow hunting carrier you necessary arent ready to hunt at once. So you need to shoot and practise your shots first. You need a lot of hours shooting before you are ready to go hunting. You CAN, but it can end badly for you and the deer you are hunting. You don’t want to shoot the deer in the foot and letting it run away and be hurt.

So when you are starting, start shooting at a target, and when you master this, then you can consider hunting. If you are wondering how to begin practicing, then read along, because we have a simple method to improve accuracy and a few tips in this article. Archery without sights Its related to without sights, but the technique that is used work as well with sights as without.

Must Have Items For Deer Hunting

A lot of people think that archery is expensive, but its wrong because it doesn’t have to be! The only things you must have are a bow and an arrow.

I would suggest you buy a hunting bag from Amazon as well, I just love mine It snaps on really easy and is helpful for both you and the bow. In my area, there are a few tops and hills I need to climb a few times in the year and with this, I can just attach it to my backpack and it makes the trip ten a lot easier.

You can purchase a similar bag here on this amazon link Amazon Hunting Bag

In addition to a backpack a good sight can always be handy, I just bought mine at this peepeliminator. We just made a new article on the best bow case, make sure to check that out as well there is a lot of good information and bow cases that you can use when you are either traveling to your hunting location or to just bring it to your spot.

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Deer stalking tips

To stalk a deer you need to take advantage of the terrain and wind direction. The terrain will keep you hidden. Keep The wind in your face will hide your scent and potential sounds from your stalk.

Happy hunting and best of luck!


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