Can A Compound Bow Get Wet? (The Definitive Answer)

By Andy Ryan


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Compound Bow

Do you want to go out and shoot with your compound bow and is wondering if its safe for the bow or not? Here is the answer. I will give you additional tips on how to maintain your bow after using it in the rain.

Can a compound bow get wet? Yes, a compound bow can get wet. The important thing is to dry the bow after use and use oil on parts which can rust and wax the string in order to maintain the quality of the bow.

Here is a few things you have to remember to do after using it in the rain!

Compound Bow

How do I know it is waterproof and safe?

All modern bows are made out of material that can be used in the rain, yes even the ones that are made out of wood. If you have a historical composite bow I would advise you not to use it. It depends on the age and quality of the bow, but if its old, hand made a few decades ago, then I would put it back on the shelf and wait for a brighter day.

If you have an old recurve bow, you should be fine. Even if it’s a few decades ago. They are less fragile and can be used in the rain.

If you have a modern bow you should not have to worry about the rain, but on what you should do after you have used it in the rain

Maintainance after using it in the rain

The first thing to do. The first thing to do is to dry it up. Take some paper or a towel and simply dry the bow and the string. You don’t want the water to sit on the bow for hours or days.

The second action to do. Is to place it in an open room where it’s not humid. Humidity can cause damage to the bow over the long term. Let it dry up for some time and then come back to it later

The third thing to do. Is to wax the string. Wax the string well and do it properly.

And lastly. Use some oil on a toothbrush or a towel and rub it on screws that can get rusty. Some people do use nail remover or alcohol, I have not tried this my self so I would recommend you use oil if you are to 100% sure on something else to use.

If you have any rust on your bow make sure to remove it as quick as possible by rubbing it with any kind of oil. Rust can damage your bow and can lead to injuries is important parts fall apart.

Put it in your favourite storage place and let it dry up, I always put mine in my bow case.

Take care of the sight

If you use your glasses outside you would want to wipe them off, same goes with the sight on your bow. It needs to be cleaned. Remove the water by taking a whipe that is meant for glass!

Put the wiping paper gently in the middle of the sight then start making small circles in the middle and expand it until you hit the edges. This way you are not rubbing back and forth damaging the glass unnecessarily.

What To Wear When Shooting Archery In The Rain

When its pouring rain outside you would naturally go to the rainjacket. A lot of the rain jackets out there are fluffy and big. This can touch your string when you shoot and can prevent you from shooting at your true potential.

What you can do is to attach either a rope or a belt around the fluffy parts of the jacket to prevent it from ruining your shot.

Pro archers often use golf clothes or jackets where the sleeves are removable. If you live in an area where it often and you would like to spend some time practicing in the rain, then such a jacket would be a good investment.

Make sure to use warm and waterproof clothing if you are shooting for a long time or performing on competition, you don’t want shoot with cold muscles because it can cause to injuries and worse performance because of either shaking or other phyical movements.

Make sure to check out our guide on how to hunt in rain to get a better understand on what is important and not when you are going for the rainy hunt.

Will shooting in the rain affect my score and is it harder?

If the score will vary is totally up to you. Some shoot very well still if its rain and some dont. The rain doesn’t affect the bow in any way, but the rain affects your vision and mentality. So you expect a small drop on your total score if you are not used to shooting in the rain.

If you get frustrated by this, don’t worry. It will get better. Practising in the rain gets easier after some time because your brain will adjust to its circumstances. By practising in the rain you will be awarded on the day it starts to rain in your archery competition and you still shoot like robin hood.

Dry all the equipment

As I mentioned drying your bow is important, but your other equipment is important as well.

Make sure to dry your quiver, gloves, arrows and clothes. Everything. In order to make all your equipment last as long as it should, you need to take proper care of it. That meens drying them after they are used in the rain.

If you have a quiver full of arrows take out all of them and place them either on a bench or just give them some air. This will naturally dry them up and make them ready for usage once again.


yes, shooting with a compound bow in the rain is safe and won’t harm your bow. Just make sure to maintain all your equipment and dry everything. Also, wax your bow. These are the few things you need to remember to have a happy practice or competition in the rain. Hope this was helpful. Feel free to read more on our website.

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Can you shoot a compound bow in the rain? Yes, you can shoot a compound bow in the rain without any problem. Modern and older compound bows is made of a material that can handle a lot of rain without having any effect on the quality or the performance of the bow.

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